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Regina Daniels and Ex-Lover Somadina Hit 1000 Snapchat Streaks: A Look into their Coded Choppings Celebration

Inside Regina Daniels and Somadina’s 1000 Snapchat Streaks: Unveiling the Mystery of their Covert Coded Choppings Celebration



Regina Daniels and Samodina

Regina Daniels and Somadina Take Snapchat to the Next Level with 1000 Consecutive Streaks: A Closer Look at their Hidden Celebration

Nollywood’s Regina Daniels and ex-boyfriend Somadina are creating a buzz online due to their Snapchat interaction 

Somadina’s Instagram post celebrating a significant Snapchat milestone with Regina was noteworthy 

Regina suggested celebrating their 1000-streak on Snapchat in a leaked chat  

Reactions have flooded the internet following the revelation of Snapchat conversations between beloved Nollywood actress Regina Daniels and her former flame, Somadina Adinma.

In the leaked conversation, the billionaire’s wife was seen celebrating a unique feat that she shared only with Somadina Adinma.

She told Soma that being able to stay in touch with each other every day for 1000 days was no mean feat and deserved to be celebrated.

Fans react to Somadina and Regina’s friendship

 Regina Daniels and Somadina still communicate regularly, despite Regina’s marriage to Ned Nwoko.

Many fans find it odd that Regina Daniels remains so closely connected to Somadina. They hit a milestone by talking for 1000 consecutive days on Snapchat. 

One online user equated this level of interaction to a soulmate-like connection, suggesting that it could pose a risk to Regina’s marriage. 

Take a look at the detailed chat conversation for yourself:

Reactions trail Regina Daniels and Somadina’s leaked chat

See how netizens reacted to the leaked conversation:


“You dey send streak ned dey chop her.”


“I love their relationship after she married.”


“What is streaks again. What do you people do on snapchat. I thought we only use it in snapping.”


“Make money ooo, make you no end up as the Streak partner.”


“Na her soulmate gan gan be this.”


“Keeping streaks for almost 3 years? Omo they tried o. My highest streaks was 368 days before e cut.”


“It’s giving soulmate vibes.”


“Na Mumu dey fight with ex. Once debe is everly debe.”


“Make Ned catch you una first. You dey exchange photos with another man wife everyday for more 3 years.”


“Hmmmmmm Ned won’t understand what goes down over there on snap streaks.”

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