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Rachel Kolisi pulls hilarious prank and Siya didn’t see it coming

Rachel Kolisi pulls hilarious prank and Siya didn't see it coming

South Africa’s favourite couple, Rachel and Siya Kolisi has shown us that they are regular folks with a sense of humour who is not afraid to take themselves too seriously. learned that Rachel posted a video on Instagram of her pranking Siya with a hilarious fitness stunt which had Siya genuinely believing that he was helping with a new exercise.

She put her legs on his shoulders while in a sit-up position and Siya was expecting something altogether different to happen:

The video has already had almost 100 000 views and people have left hundreds of comments on the hilarious video: nathill82:

I did this to my husband too.

He was shocked ” callhernellyy: ” I love this! I really want to do those cool tik tok videos ” lebilekwejam: “I have watched this clip a thousand times I still need a ventilator. I can’t breathe oh Rachel, you are simply THE BEST! Siya’s reaction is priceless, BLICKSEM ” alibodillphotography: “Literally laughed out loud you guys are the best!” jamielee_sexton: “Love this!!! My sister did the same to her husband!!

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