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“Producers Didn’t Pay Me Even Though I Worked With Mercy Johnson and Destiny Etiko”: Actress Boma Dokubo

The video of an upcoming Nollywood actress Boma Dokubo talking about her experience in the industry has sparked reactions on social media

Dokubo in the video revealed that she has been in the same movie with A-list actresses and did not get a dime from the producer

The lady who studied theatre arts made it clear that despite the extortion, she loves the job and does it out of passion

Boma Dokubo is qualified to be an actor, based on what she studied in school, but the upcoming actress has found it difficult to sustain her lifestyle through her chosen career.

Dokubo in a video with media personality Daddy Freeze opened up on the exploitation going on in the industry, especially by producers.

Actress Boma Dokubo
Boma Dokubo is hoping her passion for acting finally pays off. Photo credit: @boma_blaze
Source: Instagram

She continued by revealing that she has worked on the same set with Mercy Johnson, Destiny Etiko, and a host of others without getting any form of compensation.

Dokubo used the opportunity to urge people to have side hustles because that is what has been working for her.

Despite how challenging making a living from acting has been, the young lady disclosed that she is passionate about the job, hence the reason she keeps showing up on different movie sets.

The actress also said she hopes her passion finally pays off.

Watch the video below:

Nigerians react to the video


“It’s hell for up coming actors in Nigeria, jokes apart they no dey pay shishi, this is a matter that should be looked into.”


“@sonitafred Its only in nollywood this happens, rubbish.”


“Looks like she was in character here, because….”


“Daddy freeze as an upcoming artist in nollywood .., you hardly get paid , if u work with a very nice producer they will give u tfere, almost all nollywood actors u see today went through this, when u get to a certain stage, they start paying u, if u have ambition and know what you want, you will get there someday, with God.”


“Those of you saying you went through same thing hmm does it mean everyone must pass through same thing?”


“I left the movie industry for now to start my content creating because of this . They won’t give you anything. Plus you’ll be going to the location almost everyday just to do waka pass I’m happy I made the right choice.”

Lateef Adedimeji recounts multiple rejections, bullying before fame

For Lateef Adedimeji, giving up was not an option even though he thought about it after years of sacrifice to become a Nollywood star.

In a post to celebrate how far he has come ahead of his birthday on February 1, the movie star decided to tell his emotional and hard story of the fame he has today.

Lateef skipped classes as an undergraduate just to follow his dreams, he borrowed money to go to movie sets, and borrowed clothes to show up and still didn’t get paid anything.

The actor almost gave up on himself, cried endlessly, and even considered death as a better option than what he was going through.

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