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Popular Mile 12 Market In Lagos Reportedly On Fire

There are reports that the popular Mile 12 Market in Lagos State has been on fire since last night. Though details of the fire outbreak remain sketchy, Nigerian twitter users have been talking about it.

The inferno is currently trending on twitter and has attracted different reactions from Nigerians.

See Abike Ade’s other Tweets:

People are losing their goods and properties worth millions of naira from this fire outbreak happening every now and then and now Mile 12 has been hit too. How long before somebody dies in these mysterious fires? Are these fires being investigated to determine the cause?

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Sabi Talk@RichardWonder2

Seeing mile 12 on fire, I don’t know if this is spiritual or not, but I do know that this is dry season, almost anything and everything is flammable.
Let’s all just be extra cautious with our activities, because even the smallest spark can set up a fire right now..#mile12


MILE 12 market is burning
The government need to look in to this and find a lasting solution to constant burning of markets in Lagos@followlasg @LagosTalks913

Adebimpe for a better Nigeria @BimpeRoyale

Mile 12 is a perishable foods market, how is there a fire there. No market seems to be spared. This is getting scary and I’m beginning to think there are questionable motives behind these market fires.

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