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    Pls Throw Your Challenge at Me: Biker Riding from UK to Lagos Says as Lady Gives Him N41k for Carrying Her

    Pls Throw Your Challenge at Me: Biker Riding from UK to Lagos Says as Lady Gives Him N41k for Carrying Her

    As adventurer Kunle Adeyanju nears his final stop in Lagos, the biker has informed his growing followers and fans that he is open to carrying out challenges they throw at him.

    The Nigerian who embarked on a London to Lagos bike travel in order to raise money for polio shared this new update as he revealed how a lady who had challenged him made good her cash promise.

    Kunle was challenged to carry a lady
    In a recent tweet, Kunle said that a Burkinabe Rotarian identified as Miriam had challenged him to carry her with the promise to support his charity with $100 (N41k).

    The author shared a picture in which he carried the lady in fulfillment of her challenge.

    He stated that anyone throwing him a challenge should be ready to support his charity fund to enable him fulfill their request.

    He tweeted:

    “Rotn Miriam threw a challenge at me… “if you carry me, I will donate $100 to the charity” and she did!
    “Pls throw your challenge at me and support the Charity fund and I will do my part.”
    See his tweet below:

    Social media reactions
    @kissyomyom said:

    “Broda kunle I hope you aren’t planning to go through Ghana? This 1 wey u Don dey carry mariam for Burkina. When you see Ghanaian babes kaka hmmm I hope the journey won’t change to Londontoaccra ooo. Try reach promise land ooo.

    @Carluiz3 said:

    “Shey una female comrade dey see am… woman donated 100dolls o…..una for here na so so billing billing billing……smh…..e b like say na this ivory coast I go fine ma wife go.”
    @DsmileO said:

    “The comments here is full of negativity. As an athlete we do more of this with our female athletes. Mind you, they either dress in pants and tube or tight. A journey of more than 25days isn’t a joke. Seeing people like Miriam to welcome and share him is a welcome idea.”
    @Lobitorichie said:

    “If u can ride back to London from where u reached right now and start the journey at fresh without no delaying on ur journey back to Lagos, I will donate $500 ASAP. It’s a challenge as u said .”

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