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Phyna’s Quest for Validation from Davido Criticized by Comedian Woli Arole

Comedian Woli Arole Criticizes Phyna for Seeking Approval from Davido: ‘Davido Doesn’t Know You’



Stop Seeking Human Validation from Davido, Comedian Woli Arole Tells Phyna in Scathing Critique.

Level Up’ victor, Phyna, and popular Afrobeat artist, Davido, has drawn in comedian Woli Arole.

Phyna has recently taken to Instagram live to express concern over received death threats. 

Davido doesnt know you stop seeking human validation Woli Arole slams Phyna Kemi Filani blog min 1300x867 1 Wothappen

In response, Woli Arole has emphasized it is unrealistic for Phyna to expect personal recognition from Davido, given his widespread influence. The comedian suggests not all celebrities owe familiarity to everyone in their fanbase. 

Arole has also expressed disappointment with the present generation’s desire for human validation. The comedian highlighted that countless unknown individuals worldwide are making significant contributions and driving innovation, without wide recognition.

“Davido doesn’t know you period. He can’t know everyone. Davido doesn’t know YOU.
So painful a generation that seeks human validation. Too bad!!! Mtchewwwwww. A lot of billions around the world that people don’t know oooo and they are making things happen, a lot of innovation, a lot of forces”.

Davido doesnt know you stop seeking validation Woli Arole slams Phyna Kemi Filani blog min Wothappen

Refreshing your memory, during the week, Davido had created a stir online after liking a tweet calling Phyna’s supporters useless.

A Twitter user had stated that there are some particular celebrities fans would stan and he would question, and judge them.

The Twitter user went on to name drop Phyna as one celebrity he can’t fathom why people Stan.

Surprisingly, Davido liked the tweet and this created a stir online with some defending him, while others dragged him.

Reacting to it, Phyna had questioned what she had done to the singer for him to like a negative tweet about her. Unbothered by the negativity, she went on to congratulate Davido and Chioma on the birth of their twins.

Davido reacted to it by apologizing to her, as he made it known that he didn’t know who she was.

Phyna had taken to her Instagram page to rant over his comment as she noted how God knows her and sees his statement as a motivation to work harder.

Some of her colleagues like Tacha, Christy O, and Kess had come to her defense.

In what appeared as a dig to Davido, Christy O stated that one must live under a rock to not know Davido.

Kess noted how Phyna makes more headlines than many A-list celebrities, and as such it’s impossible for anyone not to know her.

Tacha had assured Phyna that God knows her and a lot of people know her.

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