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Petroleum Institute’s Modular Refinery Now Complete, Ready to Rival Dangote’s Dominance

Petroleum Institute’s Modular Refinery Ready to Shake Up the Industry, Pose a Challenge to Dangote’s Empire



Petroleum Institute's Modular Refinery Now Complete, Ready to Rival Dangote's Dominance

Petroleum Institute’s New Modular Refinery Set to Compete Head-On with Dangote’s Facility

 The Petroleum Training Institute, linked with the FG, also conducts training for artisanal refiners.

Despite having a smaller size than the Dangote refinery, the new refinery promises to foster technological growth.

The Petroleum Training Institute (PTI), part of the Federal Ministry of Petroleum Resources, has declared the finish of its modular refinery. The institution aims to expand its capacity to delve deeper into the commercial sector. 

As per a report from Punch, PTI, situated in Effurun, Delta state, is also training artisanal refiners, equipping them with the skills required to process crude oil.

PTI to develop technologies in the modular refinery space

Speaking in a press conference in Abuja, Adebowale Adimula, the Chief Executive of PTI, said:

“One of the areas that we have been looking at over the past few years is developing technologies in the modular refinery space. We are a training institution primarily, but when you look at the country today and the lack of technology among the artisanal refiners, one of the things we have done is to develop concepts.”

He added that the ministry aids in educating people so that their actions do not negatively impact the environment.

“We at the institute have built up our own. Now what is next is to scale it up, to find ways to make it commercial. But as an institute we have that already, we have our template, drawings, and all the fabricated parts and everything, so it is easier to now bring people in, and teach them the various components of what they will encounter in the field.”

 To pipes and misuse of oil in the creeks. He asserts these individuals lack proper refining knowledge.

Adimula believes the ministry can change this issue by investing in better training and tools for these workers, contributing positively to the economy. 

He indicated that even though the new refinery is smaller than Dangote’s Lekki facility in Lagos, it is poised to generate advancements in the modular refinery industry. 

Adimula stated:

“The facility we are working on is not to create a refinery that will now be like the Dangote refineries of this world, no. Our primary focus, which we are not losing sight of, is that we are a training institution and whatever we develop will help the advancement of technology in that space.”

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