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Peter Keleghan Wife, Leah Pinsent biogrphy and net worth



From the vibrant city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Leah Pinsent, wife of the extraordinary Peter Keleghan, has emerged as a leading light in international television and film. 

Peter Keleghan, Leah’s significant other, is no less noteworthy. His creative prowess is showcased through his stellar work as a Canadian actor and writer, renowned among viewers and critics alike for roles including the charming Ben Bellow in 18 to Life, the unforgettable Clark Claxton Sr. in the comedy series Billable Hours, and the eccentric Ranger Gord in The Red Green Show. 

Peter’s remarkable talent earned him a nomination for the ACTRA Award of Excellence in 2009, an acknowledgment of his significant contributions to film and television through works such as Picture Perfect, Ginger Snaps, Eating Buccaneers, and GravyTrain. He inaugurated his career in 1983, and continues to breathe life into myriad characters and stories to this day. 

Leah Pinsent shares her spouse’s electrifying passion for the arts, carving her niche as a highly sought-after actress in Canadian television and film. Her debut role as Saxon Coldwell in the 1984 film, The Bay Boy, marked her arrival into the cinematic world, under the masterful direction of Daniel Petrie. 

Leah’s career continued to gain momentum as she starred in the suspenseful film April Fool’s Day, 1986, expertly helmed by director and writer Fred Walton, alongside Danilo Bach. Empowered alongside stars Deborah Foreman, Griffin O’Neal, and Clayton Rohner, Leah left an unmissable mark as the unforgettable character Nan in this spine-chilling masterpiece. 

A chameleon in her craft, Leah has seamlessly transitioned into diverse roles, dazzling audiences as the production accountant in Television, along with her memorable portrayal of Veronica Miller in the drama-comedy series Made in Canada. Her prowess extends to news anchoring, with noteworthy roles in More Tears and Escapes from the Newsroom.

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The Age Gap Between Leah Pinsent And Peter Keleghan 

Despite the nine years separating her birth from that of her husband Peter Keleghan, Leah Pinsent shares an unbreakable bond. Born under the Virgo Zodiac on September 20, 1968, Leah’s age stands at 53, while Peter, born under the same star sign on September 16, 1959, is currently 62 as per 

John and the Missus (1987) via @YouTube

— Leah Pinsent (@LeahPinsent3) January 6, 2022

Did you know? Peter Keleghan is the acclaimed Canadian actor and writer widely admired for his performance as the delightful Clark Claxton Sr. in Billable Hours, the charming Ben Bellow in 18 to Life, and the endearing Ranger Gord in The Red Green Show. 

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The Beautiful Married Life of Peter Keleghan And His Wife Leah Pinsent 

Peter and Leah’s enchanting love story began one year prior to their blissful wedding ceremony in December 2001. Now, they celebrate 20 beautiful years of marriage, each one marked by mutual support and affection, as evinced by 

A glimpse into their lives would reveal a beautiful union of two hearts, beating in synchrony, facing life’s myriad challenges together – all while brimming with happiness. 

In a world dominated by social media, they maintain a semblance of privacy, hiding their children from the spotlight. The couple has yet to share their children’s pictures to the public, a decision that resonates with the delicate balance they maintain between their professional and personal lives. 

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