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People Having Malaria Are Now Tested Positive Of Coronavirus, Don’t Go To The Hospital



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My Fellow Nigerians, we all have to be careful in this Period. So we won’t be named what we are really not. This coronavirus pandemic period is really causing chaos and commotions in different families, whereas, they are all wrong and not true. If you are sick, please kindly stay back home and and treat yourself with buying drugs maybe from the pharmacist or a chemist rather than going to an Hospital.

People Having Malaria Are Now Tested Positive Of Coronavirus, Don't Go To The Hospital

If you go to an Hospital, the first thing they will test you off during this period, is Corona Virus Test and after running all this tests, some may be wrong and some may be right. let’s assume they run a test on you now and they made some mistakes, it’s all on your family and it’s all on your stigma they will only run the coronavirus test and tell you that you tested positive and this will give you cause to start thinking and telling you to bring all your family for the same test you carried out.

The coronavirus patients increase isn’t really true. Some are fake tests carried out wrongly, so please and please whatever sickness you may have now go to the chemist and buy drugs to use while indoors.

Going to the hospital at this period is not the best because they may test you wrongly for Coronavirus.

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