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    Pastor Chris Oyakhilome makes U-turn on 5G

    COVID-19 vs 5G: UK Sanctions Pastor Oyakhilome

    Founder and President of LoveWorld Incorporated, also known as Christ Embassy, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, has backtracked on his statement about the 5G mobile networks.

    In a series of teachings, Oyakhilome had said the proponents of a ‘new world order’ created the coronavirus to cause fear among people and are putting together a vaccine for it and 5G networks to control people’s lives.

    Following criticism over his teachings, the cleric spoke recently that he addressed the 5G mobile networks because he was into the healing ministry and was concerned about its health implications.

    “I have to look at my calling as a priority and I’m into the healing ministry. You may be a pastor or a minister and not be into the healing ministry, this may not concern you,” he said.

    “I’m a science and technology enthusiast. I love technology. Just studying the capabilities of the 5G makes me like ‘Wow! I’d like to go on it like tomorrow morning. I’d like to start it right away.’

    “But at the same time, I’m into healing, I know what it means for people to be sick. I meet with sick people all the time. And so, no matter how interested I am in the 5G…, I’m gonna put health first.”

    Oyakhilome said he became more concerned when he found out regulators did not seem to care much about looking into the details of the 5G.

    “If there are health risks, they should be fixed,” he said.

    The Federal Government has assured that its team of experts was studying the 5G network to determine its safety.

    Pastor Sam Adeyemi of Daystar Christian Centre had appeared to ridicule Oyakhilome during a live Instagram session with another popular preacher, Pastor Poju Oyemade.

    Adeyemi said he did a research and discovered that previous pandemics that have hit the world had been misconstrued by the church to be a move of the Antichrist.

    He then said he could not understand why some pastors were quick to make graphic illustrations connecting the coronavirus to 5G and the Antichrist, a teaching technique employed by Oyakhilome in the anti-5G message.

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