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Overtime Megan deletes TikTok amid phone hacking rumors



Overtime Megan deletes TikTok

Influencer Overtime Megan looks to have deleted her TikTok account following rumors that she had fallen victim to a phone hacking incident.

Overtime Megan, whose real name is Megan Eugenio, is a social media celebrity who regularly posts sports content centered around basketball and hockey. But after a number of invasive stories in the press about her private life, Eugenio’s TikTok account can no longer be accessed by the public.

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Overtime Megan appears to delete TikTok

Until last week, the NBA influencer had over 2.5 million followers on her Overtime Megan Tiktok account but, at the time of writing on May 1st, the account appears to have been removed and is no longer accessible on the site.

Prior to its deletion, Eugenio’s TikTok account was the main hub of her social media activity, and the influencer used her account to promote her courtside content, while participating in the odd viral challenge.

Until recently, Eugenio also used Twitter fairly regularly and even made headlines after she bluntly shut down rumors about her and Josh Giddey dating, though her tweets have now been set to private, meaning only her followers can access the account.

Eugenio does still have a public YouTube channel that has not been deleted, and her Instagram account, which boasts over 575,000 followers, is still live at the time of writing.

TikTokker says Eugenio was hacked

The removal of Eugenio’s accounts comes just days after a popular TikTok user claimed that Eugenio’s personal data had been compromised by a phone hacker.

In a clip that has been viewed just shy of eight million times in a number of days, Noah Glenn Carter alleged that the influencer had limited the comments on her account before deleting it, in what was supposedly a direct response to the alleged hacking incident.

And according to reports, Eugenio posted an Instagram story prior to the removal of her accounts claiming that she would no longer be using social media, though such a post is no longer available to view on her Instagram.

WOTHAPPEN has reached out to Overtime Megan for clarification on the rumors surrounding the removal of her TikTok and Twitter accounts.

Eugenio forced to defend private life in past

Unfortunately, this is not the first time in recent history that Eugenio has had to speak out about rumors surrounding her personal life.

Having already had to deny dating rumors in April, in December 2022 Eugenio also had to publically deny any link to pictures that were circulating online at the time that people were claiming showed her alongside NFL star Antonio Brown.

“I cannot believe I have to say this, but that is not me”, the 23-year-old told her followers at the time. Despite being constantly involved in the online rumor mill, Eugenio appears to be a rather private person who tends to keep her personal life offline.

At the time of writing, it is unclear whether Eugenio’s TikTok account has been permanently deleted and whether or not she will eventually return to the platform.

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