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    Out of 50 States, Checkout the number of States that Trump has captured

    No, Wisconsin Doesn’t Have More Votes Than Registered Voters

    No winner in the US presidential election has been declared yet, but President Trump has dominated 23 of the 50 US states while Joe Biden is rival in just 20. Seven States like Alaska, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Northern Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin are on the left. Donald Trump is assured of his election win after sharing several online messages. In a quote, he also said, “I won, honestly speaking.” He has prepared himself as the winner, but anything can happen inside the finger but until now, Trump is sure that he will win. These are the biggest fighting countries that prove Trump can easily conquer Biden.

    Basically, popular votes and electoral votes determine on the U.S. presidency. The popular vote and the electoral elections appeared to lead Joe Biden. However, the positive thing is that the war states are being pushed together at the moment. We can assume that Trump is winning in these fighting states according to US Main Streams and the Cable Media, such as CNN, FOX News, MSNBC, ABC, CSC and NY TIMES. According to the news reports, Trump is already in charge in more than four countries. Some of them have dominated so far, and this also shows that Trump is in charge in the states;

    Yesterday, Biden certainly prevailed, but it all seems as if the outcomes of those fighting states are shifting. President Trump leads the way in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, North Carolina from results which have been obtained so far. These countries matter because the votes of the Electoral College are very high and Trump would be greatly helped by them. It is necessary to overcome Joe Biden by election votes if he succeeds in winning in these major states. There are strong signs that he won there already. That is why President Trump is hopeful. In his tweet, Trump sounds optimistic

    Many US citizens are not sure that President Trump will get those votes. It even surprises them. But nobody can take such a person down if God is behind somebody. No winner has yet been named at this time. We await to declare the winner to the proper authority. But for Trump, there’s hope.

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