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    Opinion:Should We Say Nnamdi Kanu’s 350 “Million Donation Is An Appeal To The Federal Government

    Biafra Remembrance Day: Umahi Mocks Nnamdi Kanu Over Sit-at-home Order

    Nnamdi Kanu has become the latest person to make donations for the ongoing fight against the COVID-19 pandemic but his pledge goes primarily to the Biafrans.

    Nnamdi Kanu

    Kanu, leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), pledged a N50 million donation on Friday in a radio broadcast, explaining that non-IPOB members will also benefit from the fund.

    Opinion:Should We Say Nnamdi Kanu's 350 "Million Donation Is An Appeal To The Federal Government

    He said another N300 million has been earmarked to fight the coronavirus and that part of the fund would be used to ensure that hospitals located at strategic places in the Southeast zone are equipped to tackle the disease.

    See part of his message below:

    “We never knew that the virus is coming, we have commitments all over the world, we are committing initial N50 million to make sure we educate and prepare our people for what is to come.

    “Another N300 million would be budgeted to fight the disease, but the initial N50 million would be made available for the payment of doctors and nurses that would be hired to do the work.

    “We will establish one hospital in every state of Biafra including Edo State. We are going to open a food store for the people. If you are to confine the people at home, you must make sure they do not die of hunger.

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