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OPay speaks out on accusations of opening accounts without permission



In a most unusual turn of events, OPay finds itself treading murky waters following claims of customers accusing the company of opening accounts without their permission. What could be the real scenario here? Does the company really engage in unethical practices or is there more to the allegations than meets the eye? 

The Backstory: In the recent past, several customers have filed serious complaints of accounts being established in their names without their explicit authorization. The unexpected discovery of these unwanted accounts has not only startled these individuals but has led to an outpour of public grievance against the company. 

OPAY Wothappen

“They Forgot”: OPay Speaks as Customers Accused Company of Opening Accounts Without Permission

He explained that a check was done on those raising complaints and revealed that they opened accounts three to four years ago but had since forgotten about them.

He said:

“We received information indicating the presence of active accounts and wallets within our OPay app. The account owners claimed that these had been created without their knowledge or consent.

“In response to these claims, we promptly initiated an investigation to verify their authenticity, in compliance with regulatory requirements governing all OPay wallets.

“Upon completing our investigation, we ascertained that the account openings indeed occurred at different times, primarily between 2019 and 2020, and were associated with the respective owners.”

The company further emphasized its commitment to the highest standards of customer service.

“After our team reached out to them, some individuals mentioned that they couldn’t recall whether or when they had opened their accounts.

“We have already addressed at least four complaints received through social media by reaching out to those involved to resolve their concerns.

“It’s worth noting that certain accounts have remained inactive with zero balances since their creation.

“As a law-abiding and strictly regulated organization, we have asked these individuals whether they wish to keep their accounts and have accommodated their requests based on their responses.”

Adeyemi explained that the OPay wallet could only be opened through the CBN-established registration process, which requires the input of an OTP authentication (one-time password) from the user’s phone to proceed.

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