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Oldest Woman Alive in the world today celebrates 399 years real

It’s been 399 years since the world’s oldest woman was born. Refutation of the Myth: Everyone on the internet was shocked after witnessing a video of a monk who claimed to be 163 years old a few days ago. The presence of a 399-year-old woman has recently been proclaimed by a new source. In reality, it’s not like that at all. The rumor is, nevertheless, a belief among certain TikTok users Anyone who uses social media regularly knows how easy it is to trick people into falling for a scam. Internet users have recently been looking for information about the 399-year-viral old’s rumors. In this post, we’ll tell you everything there is to know about 399-year-old urban legends.

Oldest Woman Alive in the world today

Who is the oldest woman to alive today?

To begin, no woman has ever lived to reach 399 years old, and no one else has ever survived to be 399 years old. At 122 years old, Jeanne Chalmet was the world’s oldest woman, according to historical records. 116-year-old Jiroemon Kimura was the oldest man ever recorded. He passed away in 2013. Tanaka Kane is now the world’s oldest surviving human. The celebration of her 119th birthday took place in January.

Currently, Tiktok is trending with a video of an elderly man being wheeled out of his hospital bed by his caregivers. When videos and claims surfaced online of an elderly woman, many internet users expressed their shock and disbelief. This monk is the same one who was the subject of much discussion because of his age, and the 399-year-old legends are incorrect. Recent online resurfacing of the film has led to some incorrect claims that the person in it has a chronological age of 3,999.

In any case, the craze over the monk video shows no signs of waning just yet. Luang Pho Yai, a 109-year-old Buddhist monk in Thailand, is the subject of this article. The monk got famous after his granddaughter posted recordings of him on TikTok and they went viral. To follow her on TikTok, you can use the handle @auyary13. Her TikTok account is full of videos of Luang. She has millions of views and likes on her videos. An especially well-liked video shows him interceding on behalf of a sick child from her hospital bed.

Oldest woman alive 399 real?

An urban legend claims that a 399-year-old woman is still alive and well today. According to several recordings, a woman who is close to 400 years old is still living today. Social media posts claim that another person in his late 169s still exists.

Since January, Luang Pho Yai or Lung-Ta, a 109-year-old Buddhist monk from Thailand, has attracted international attention. One of his granddaughter’s TikTok videos has garnered millions of views in less than 24 hours, according to sources, and the monk’s name is @auyary13. It’s a video of him praying for a young girl from a hospital bed that’s been viewed nearly 90 million times. There has been a lot of favorable feedback about this video on the Internet. Even if his grandson isn’t calling, Luang Ta can feel his affection.
At 399 years old, who is the oldest woman still alive?

As his granddaughter said on TikTok and Twitter on January 1, Kane Tanaka, the world’s oldest living person, is still alive at 119 years old, according to CNN. Great accomplishment, my granddad is 119 years old,” she captioned the video. “I wish you a happy, healthy, and prosperous life.”

Who is the oldest person on Earth still alive ?

If 119-year-old Kane Tanaka is still alive, he has lived through many historic events, such as World War I, World War II, and the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic.

In 2019, the Guinness Book of World Records proclaimed him the world’s oldest living person at 119 years old.

At 119 years and 56 days, Kane Tanaka is Japan’s oldest living person since Chiyo Miyako passed away on July 22, 2018, according to official records. Third-oldest confirmed person in history and Japan’s oldest verifiable citizen

She was born on January 2nd, 1903, in Japan. This woman has a brood of five children. When she lived in Japan, she had a shop there.

One of the oldest living people is Susannah Mushatt Jones, an American woman.

There is now only one confirmed individual still alive who was born before 1900: Susannah Mushatt Jones, a 76-year-old American woman. A certificate from Guinness World Records on July 29, 2016, recognized her as the world’s oldest individual.

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