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    Okiye’s Impeachment: Oshiomhole’s laughter may have just begun (Opinion)

    Okiye's Impeachment: Oshiomhole's laughter may have just begun (Opinion)

    I do not know how true the saying “he who laughs last, laughs best” is, but it looks like when it comes to the political chess game going on in Edo state, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole may have the last laugh. And there are many angles to this.

    Before I go into what I mean, it should be remembered that although Mr Oshiomhole was not on the ballot, the opposition deliberately made him a big issue in the election. Some even said the election is a referendum on Oshiomhole. So, following Obaseki’s victory, the song of the PDP is that Oshiomhole has been defeated and buried politically but that may be from the truth.

    Like I have detailed in another write up, there are grounds for Mr Obaseki and his supporters to know that the last may not have been heard about the election victory of Mr Obaseki. The courts may just find merit in one of the petitions challenging the PDP’s victory. But that is by the way.

    Okiye's Impeachment: Oshiomhole's laughter may have just begun (Opinion)

    The ordeal of Mr Frank Okiye, the now impeached and suspended former speaker of Edo state house of Assembly is a pointer to another angle that may give Mr Oshiomhole a laugh over his political traducers.

    Some people are already sensing betrayal of Okiye by governor Obaseki in just less than a month after the governorship election. Mr Okiye was among those who stood by Obaseki and it is believed that he did so to protect his office, as the speaker. It is very surprising that he was not just impeached but he is now under suspension. He is now going to be shut out of the house like those that he claimed to have declared their seats vacant.

    If it turns out correct that the governor has a hand in Mr Frank’s ordeal, will that not make the people to believe that Comrade Oshiomhole and his supporters were right in calling governor Obaseki a serial betrayal? And what tells anyone of Obaseki’s close allies like Mr Osarodion Ogie and Mr Philip Shaibu that the fate of Okiye may not befall them? In fact, how much assurance does the PDP Leadership has that the kind of division that characterized the APC while Obaseki was there may not also surface in the PDP? These are a few questions or issues that observers of the Edo political drama should watch our for. In the end, we will all be able to make a better judgment of what the issues have really been in Edo.

    Okiye's Impeachment: Oshiomhole's laughter may have just begun (Opinion)

    If any of this issues mentioned above happen, Mr Oshiomhole will feel vindicated because he will not be there to take blames for things he probably has no knowledge about. If these people who united against him start to fight themselves like they fought him, it should make Edo people sit back and reassess the situation of leadership in their state. At least, Oshiomhole is no longer there to be blamed for Mr Okiye’s ordeal. I am guessing that what has just befell Mr Okiye would be the beginning of a last and long laughter for Mr Oshiomhole.

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