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Notti Osama Death Video Goes Viral On Twitter, Reddit And Youtube

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On the What NYC Sounds Like TikTok channel, DD Osama’s response to his brother’s passing was captured on tape. The budding rapper fought back tears as soon as he learned about the stabbing on his phone.

He admitted in the video that he was still debating whether or not to stay. If I had just spent more time with him, he would have actually arrived today.

Notti Osama Death video Viral on Twitter

The absurdity of this horrible crime is greatly increased by his claim to know the victim. 14-year-old Nouti Osama is a native of New York City. It is thought that this was the spark that started the cata.

Osama published “Without You,” a new song featuring his brother, two weeks ago. Osama’s cousin Lily Ortega described him as a bright, sociable youngster who loved spending time with his family.

Notti Osama Death Video Viral on Reddit

Osama has not revealed his work, educational background, or family because his career is only beginning. A candlelit memorial service was conducted in Manhattan as soon as the rapper’s passing was reported. A buddy has said that he has a smile worth a million dollars. The unidentified person claimed that Reyes is adamant about becoming a rapper and strives hard each day to realise his ambition.

Watch Notti Osama death video footage twitter


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