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Nikita Kuzmin: partner, girlfriend, age, dancer, net worth, biography



Nikita Kuzmin

 Professional dancing. Born on February 20th,1993, Kuzmin is predominantly known for his remarkable dancing skills and his charismatic appearance on popular television shows. This article will delve into various facets of his life, providing insights about his partner, girlfriend, age, dancing career, net worth, and personal biography.

“Dancing is the hidden language of the soul.” – Martha Graham

Born and raised in Ukraine, Nikita Kuzmin marked his initial steps into the glitz and glamor of dance at an early age. With a fiery passion in his soul and an unquenchable thirst to outperform, his age did not define his talent and determination. Currently, he is a thriving 28-year-old. 

  • Partner: A significant part of his fame is attributed to his partner in dance. Who is this lucky person? We will examine this shortly.
  • Girlfriend: Off the dance floor, who holds the key to his heart? Intriguing tales lie in wait.
  • Dancer: What propelled his journey as a dancer, and where has it landed him today? Insights ahead.
  • Net Worth: His graceful steps have undoubtedly filled not just his heart, but his pockets as well. A glance at his net worth is coming up.

In the following sections, we will traverse the journey of Nikita Kuzmin, providing an in-depth look into his world beyond the spotlight.

Nikita Kuzmin Biography

 professional dancer, famous for his exemplary performances in ballroom dance. Born on May 31, 1993, in Kiev, Ukraine, Nikita has been committed to dancing since an early age. Raised by two professional dancers, Irina Kabashinskaya and Alexander Kuzmin, the world of dance was an integral part of Nikita’s life since childhood.

He began his dance journey at the age of four, having been inspired by his parents’ passion for the art. Nikita was blessed with his family’s support and guidance in building his strong foundation in dance, especially in Latin and Ballroom styles. 

His dedication and hard work soon started bearing fruit when he began competing at just nine years old. Nikita started earning recognition at a national level, securing top spots in many junior dance competitions. His talent was evident from an early age which only amplified his motivation and determination. Thus began his successful career as a competitive dancer. 

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Professional Career

Nikita expanded his horizons beyond Ukraine and performed around the world showcasing his talent. His career took a significant upturn when he joined the German version of “Let’s Dance” in 2015. As a professional dancer on the show, Nikita not only showcased his dancing prowess but also managed to charm the audience with his personality. His participation significantly boosted his career, giving him a huge platform to display his skills and passion. 

After a commendable stint on Let’s Dance, Nikita made a transition to the United Kingdom where he joined “Strictly Come Dancing” in the year 2021. His remarkable performances left an indelible imprint in the crowd’s mind, carving a niche for himself in the international dancing scene. 

Besides dancing, Nikita has also forayed into modeling and has become a prominent figure in the fashion industry. His diverse skills and charming personality have helped him establish a well-rounded career in the entertainment industry. In addition to his professional success, Nikita is known for his strong dedication to promoting the art of dance, inspiring young dancers around the globe.

Early Life and Education

Nikita Kuzmin’s roots trace back to Ukraine, where he spent his formative years. He attended a Ukrainian primary school, marking the first stepping stone in his educational journey. Afterwards, he pursued his high school education in Italy. Though he hasn’t divulged extensive details about his educational background or highest qualification, what is known is that he was influenced greatly by his early exposure to dancing, which became a defining element of his life.

Family and Ethnicity

Nikita Kuzmin’s family plays a significant role in shaping his identity. He is of Ukrainian descent and shares an especially close bond with his sister, Anastasia Kuzmin. Anastasia, a professional dancer herself, adds to the family’s artistic prowess. While Nikita’s father, Ievgen Kuzmin, works part-time in a local shop, his mother, Natalia Kuzmin, is a dedicated stay-at-home mom. He and his family adhere to a devout Christian faith, underpinning their values and guiding their lives.

Nikita Kuzmin Girlfriend

His charm extends beyond the dance floor. He is a handsome and intelligent young man, known for his relationship with Nicole Wirt, also a professional dancer. The couple currently resides in Germany, sharing their life and love for dance. Their social media accounts are a testament to their affection for one another, though they haven’t yet made announcements about their engagement or wedding, leaving fans eagerly anticipating their future plans.

Nikita Kuzmin Height and Weight

The professional dancer stands at a height of around 5 feet 9 inches and weighs about 62 kilograms.

Nikita’s Battle with Diabetes

In November 2021, a revelation emerged that resonated deeply with Nikita Kuzmin’s fans and well-wishers. It was revealed that he had been living with Type 1 diabetes, a condition he had courageously concealed. To manage his diabetes, he utilizes a Libre sensor, which he proudly displayed during his appearance on ‘Strictly Come Dancing 2021.’ This revelation marked a turning point in his life, inspiring many with his resilience and the message that no obstacle is too great to overcome.

Nikita Kuzmin’s Net Worth

Delving into the financial aspect of Nikita Kuzmin’s life, it becomes evident that his talents have reaped considerable rewards. His multi-faceted career in dancing, social media, and sponsorships has brought him substantial wealth. As of October 2023, Nikita Kuzmin’s net worth is estimated to be between USD 2-3 million. This financial success reflects not only his talent but also his dedication to his craft and engagement with his audience.


Beyond the stage and the spotlight, Nikita Kuzmin enjoys a range of hobbies and interests:

  • Culinary Delights: Nikita frequents his favorite restaurant to indulge in his favorite cuisine.
  • Inked Memories: He boasts tattoos on his wrist and chest, each with its unique story.
  • Sporting Spirit: He shares a love for basketball and often plays with friends.
  • Aquatic Adventures: In his spare time, Kuzmin finds solace in swimming.
  • Culinary Skills: He acquired cooking skills from his mother, which he cherishes.
  • Animal Enthusiast: Nikita is an avid animal lover, frequently sharing adorable dog photos.
  • Wanderlust: Traveling with his family to various destinations is one of his cherished pastimes.
  • Fashion Forward: Nikita has an affinity for fashionable shoes and clothing.

Nikita Kuzmin on Social Media

Nikita Kuzmin’s presence on social media is a testament to his popularity. His verified Instagram account, boasting 101k followers as of 2023, showcases his life, dance, and adventures through 537 posts. It serves as a window into the life of the multifaceted artist, connecting him with fans and admirers worldwide.

  1. Who is Nikita Kuzmin?
    He is an American dancer, choreographer, and reality show personality known for his outstanding contributions to the world of dance.
  2. What is Nikita Kuzmin’s age?
    As of 2023, he is twenty-five years old.
  3. Who are Nikita Kuzmin’s parents?
    His parents are Natalia Kuzmin and Ievgen Kuzmin, who have played a significant role in shaping his life.
  4. What is the name of Nikita Kuzmin’s girlfriend?
    Nikita’s girlfriend is Nicole Wirt, a talented professional dancer.
  5. Is Nikita Kuzmin a diabetic patient?
    Yes, he has been living with Type 1 diabetes, a condition he openly acknowledged during his appearance on ‘Strictly Come Dancing 2021.’

In conclusion, Nikita Kuzmin’s journey is a story of talent, perseverance, and resilience. From his early life in Ukraine to his flourishing career as a dancer and the challenges he has faced, his life is an inspiration to many. As his star continues to rise, his story is one that will continue to captivate audiences and inspire aspiring artists worldwide.

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