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    Nigerians celebrates man who has hawked plantain for over 10 years

    Nigerians celebrates man who has hawked plantain for over 10 years

    A married Nigerian man has caught the attention of members of the internet community because of the kind of business he does to earn a living.

    The individual became a trending topic of discussion on Facebook, after a user identified as Tayo Odusanya, posted his photo and commended him for going on about his plantain hawking business without any shame.

    Odusanya while sharing his photo noted that other people that have a physique like him would have resorted to swindling and also blame other people for their inadequacy.

    The man also charged companies and the government to look inward as to the kind of people that are given rewards.

    See the post as shared by Odusanya below:

    Nigerians celebrates man who has hawked plantain for over 10 years

    Shortly after sharing the post, several users on Facebook who appeared to have run into the plantain hawker had several things to say about him. Read comments below:

    Blessing Umebali: “He has been in this line of business for long. He is very passionate and proud of what he does. I patronise him sometimes. May the word in Isaiah 65:23 be his portion Amen.”

    Pascal Giovani: “I know this guy in Ogba. I even know where he lives. He’s not ashamed of his hustle.”

    Felix Elijah: “I like his spirit, he careless about anybody except his plantain business.”

    Olubukola Veronica Bakare: “Yea, I see him along NECA/Shrine, Agindingbi.Very passionate about selling plantain. There is another one who sells slice bread along that axis. His sonorous voice when advertising his wares is captivating.”

    A particular user identified as Ogunwusi Bamidele Segun also had an interesting story to tell about the man. Read below:

    “Let me tell a story about how a kindhearted woman rescued this man. He gambled with his money some years ago and lost all the money for his plantain business. He was totally down. At this time, some of his customers, who are mainly working-class women couldn’t get to buy plantain from their customer while the guy was wallowing in regret.

    “One day, God showed up for this guy as one of his numerous customers traced him to where he lives along Thomas Salako Road Ogba and gave him enough capital to restart his business. This is a story of about four or five years ago. I hope he has learnt his lessons.”

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