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Nigerian women are enthralled by pictures of a handsome man in a suit’selling shoes’ on the street

This is due to the fact that the unnamed man was seen posing in front of “his wares” while dressed elegantly.



Nigerian women are enthralled by pictures of a handsome man in a suit'selling shoes' on the street.

Many women have noticed an unidentified man in a sharp suit “selling footwear” by the side of the road.

Prince Khelechy Nwankwo II, a Facebook user, posted pictures of the man online and dubbed him a genuine “hustler” with the appearance of an oil tycoon.

“A roadside footwear seller has got social media users talking.

“A real hustler with the appearance of an oil business mogul,” Prince wrote on Facebook.

Is the man really a roadside footwear seller?

In one of the photos, the tall man in a suit was captured in motion with a big sack on his head and another in his right hand.

Two other photos showed him posing before ‘his wares’, which were spread out on a big sack. Ladies couldn’t stop gushing over him.

It is unclear if the man is a footwear seller, as some netizens opined it was a photoshoot.

Ladies drool over the fine roadside ‘footwear seller’

Asukwo Asukwo Effiong said:

“Dey play… Enter Aba go do this kind thing… Shey na for one place u go sidon. U no go hustle like those Abs boys???

“Heat never do u for market.”

Vincent Christopher said:

“If i see this kind person dey on suit dey sell….I no go even near him shop make him no go use price finish my life.”

Honesty Uki said:

“I know one Keke rider in my area that dresses on corporate wears whenever he’s on duty.

“And dude smells nice.”

Grace Ezekiel said:

“Him dey sell slippers then he should look like slippers?

“Abi na only rich people suppose dey wear fine clothes??”

Alexander Chibueze Obiakor said:

“This is definitely Cotonou.

“Cos na only dem dey hawk original used sneakers .

“And e go cheap ehh.”

Mbah Mercy said:

“Didn’t we all agree that it’s an offense to be this handsome!!!!!!!”

Amaechi Ifeoma said:

“After now they will sale person way Dey sale shoe no gal will like him cus him no get money taaa shut up tell me why I won’t fall for shoe seller .”

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