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Nigerian man becomes lecturer to his nursery school teacher, they meet in class

A Nigerian lecturer was surprised when he walked into class and saw that one of his students was actually his teacher

The man named Anucha Wisdom lectures in the Faculty of Education, Abia State University where his teacher is now a student

He has posted photos of the moment they met and how he bowed down to greet her with so much joy and respect

A Nigerian man has become a lecturer to his teacher who taught him when he was in nursery three.

The university lecturer named Anucha Wisdom teaches in the Faculty of Education, Abia State University, Uturu.

Its a Small World Nigerian Man Becomes His Nursery School Teachers Lecturer Lovely Photos Emerge
Anucha has become a lecturer to his nursery three teacher Photo credit Facebook Anucha Wisdom<br>Source Facebook

In a viral Facebook post, Anucha said he had no idea that his nursery school teacher named Aunty Ijeoma had become a student at ABSU.

Photos of man who lectures his nursery three teacher at ABSU

Anucha said he walked into his class only to discover that Aunty Ijeoma is one of the students who is taking his course.

His joy knew no bounds as they both hugged passionately. He described the teacher as very kind.

Anucha said on Facebook:

“Early this week, I reconnected with Aunty Ijeoma, who was my Nursery 3 teacher at St. Joseph’s Development Nursery/Primary School Umuchichi Aba. Fortunately, she has been a student in my department and I knew not, not until they came to take my course.

“Aunty, thank you for teaching me well then. I am what I am today because you taught me well. Life is indeed a cumulative effect.”

Reactions from Facebook users

David Mbagwu said:

“Nwannem, everyone needs to read this and be wise. I keep telling some lecturers who are close to me, that they ought to be very wise not to think that tables will not turn. God bless you and Aunty IJ.”

Stanley Agu said:

“This is highly motivating. My dear, the future still has a lot more surprises to unfold. May God increase you in your newfound endeavour.”

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