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Nigerian lady slaps her boyfriend, rejects his proposal in church in viral video



An embarrassing drama ensued in a church as a young man attempted to surprise his girlfriend with a marriage proposal

The girl who was celebrating her birthday that day turned around to see her man on one knee with a ring

What happened next was a series of slaps landing on his face as she messed him up for ’embarrassing’ her

A Nigerian lady has caused a stir online after she rejected her boyfriend’s proposal in an embarrassing manner while in church.

In a short clip seen on Facebook, the lady was backing the man as she held up a birthday cake given to her, while being flanked by cheering church folks.

Nigerian lady slaps her boyfriend, rejects his proposal in church in viral video

Behind her, a man believed to be her boyfriend suddenly went on one knee, holding up a ring. On turning around, the lady stood shell-shocked, then reacted in an unexpected manner.

While chants of “say yes” could be heard from onlookers, the lady forced her boyfriend to get up.

She embarrassed him greatly

She slammed him for his proposal, wondering why he would choose to embarrass her that way. The celebrant then slapped him on the face and dumped the cake on him.

It was at this point that church members waded in to arrest the situation and stop it from degenerating.

As the man was led off the scene, the lady told people gathered around her that their relationship was just three months old and that she didn’t want the proposal.

Social media reactions

Sulley Babs said:

“Fooool instead of you to go give your mama that ring money you come use for this uglly girl. Some men paaaa.”

Seunfunmi E Williams said:

“She didn’t need to go physical. Walk out of the scene and the guy will get the message.

“What I don’t understand is those shouting “say yes”

“Say yes for what? Do they know the state of their relationship?”

Okebiorun Olu said:

“Na Dem sabi o. Both the proposer and the proposee.

“Why propose publicly to someone who had already told you she didn’t want it? Arrrghhh!”

Kunle Akinronbi said:

“Why was no one stopping her from assaulting the guy? If the roles were reversed now…”

Emoke Chidozie said:

“He shd be happy that this mannerless girl said no to him. Now he has a chance to find a normal girl and marry.”

Afeez Babalola Abayomi said:

“I dey always love to see this show of shame, my gender must receive sense by fire by force, is not everything you copy.

“I love the girl courage.”

Man disappointed as lady rejects his proposal with a loud ‘no’

Meanwhile, WOTHAPPEN previously reported that a man was disappointed as his proposal at a mall went wrong.

In an attempt to pull off a surprise romantic engagement, the boyfriend had gone on one knee at a mall in Delta State to propose to his woman.

Without any hesitation, the lady refused blatantly with a series of “no” screams before storming off the scene of the proposal.

He looked like one who missed a job interview amid stares from onlookers who probably thought the engagement would have a happy ending.

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