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Nigerian Father in Tears after Opening Little Daughter’s Lunch Bag to Find a Roll of Bournvita Hidden Inside

A Nigerian father recently broke down in tears after finding out what his little daughter hid inside her lunch bag

In the trending video, the father asked the little girl to open her lunch bag and she made attempts to avoid doing so

However, after her efforts proved futile, she finally opened the bag and her father immediately got emotional

A father could not control his tears after finding out that his little daughter hid a roll of bournvita in her lunch bag.

In a trending video, the father tried to put a water can inside her bag, but the little girl refused and began acting strangely.

Nigerian Father in Tears after Opening Little Daughters Lunch Bag to Find a Roll of Bournvita Hidden Inside
Father finds items in daughters lunch bag Photo Credit papa daughterTikTok<br>Source UGC

However, he kept on pushing her to open the bag and when she finally did, he found out that she had hidden a roll of bournvita inside.

When probed, the little girl said she thought the roll of bournvita was her snacks for school.

Her father got so emotional in the video and even broke down in tears as the little girl watched.

Sharing the video via TikTok, the disappointed father said:

“How can you take a whole 12 piece of bournvita as your snacks for school? The matter never still clear”.

Social media reactions

@kollymore78 said:

“Guy abeg I dey chop rice just comot from my nose. I think it my snacks.”

@throneherself stated:

“I was like this too. Take extra to sell in school and give my close friends for free.”

@busariraimot106 said:

“I think dis is not ordinary, u have to caution your daughter, and keep all dis thing from her and stop recording her.”

@blackqueen5684 said:

“She said she think is her snacks, most she carry the new water bottle. Pls live that girl.”

@jmicky11 reacted:

“Hpe dis is acting cus if dis is really stealing pls u need to stop her.”

@maumau9243 added:

“U see girl wey wan do business for school and ur saying all this things. I think is my snacks got me rolling.”

Watch the video below:

Woman finds unexpected things in children’s school bags

Meanwhile, WOTHAPPEN previously reported that a Nigerian mother, Keffe Arinola, has shared a video of the items she recovered inside the bags of her children. In the video captured on TikTok, N1000 and N500 notes were spotted inside the bags.

The surprised mother also shared a video of toys which were littered around her children’s rooms. According to her, they have been stealing from her and using the money to buy a series of things. She warned that parents should always be vigilant about their children and check their rooms and bags unexpectedly from time to time.

In her words: “Parents should always be vigilant about their children. Check their rooms and bags unexpected, no one is to be trusted. No small children again o, this one weak me. They have been stealing from me and buying series of things.”

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