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Nigerian Doctor, Emmanuel Calls Out His Ex, Anita And Her Mother For Fraud



Nigerian Doctor, Emmanuel Calls Out His Ex, Anita And Her Mother For Fraud

Nigerian Doctor, Emmanuel took to his social media page to call out his “evil£ ex, Anita Uka and her mother for fraud.

Read his full story below

  1. ANITA UKA @anitafields007, I am calling you out today for the fraud that you are and the wickedness that lies within you and your mother Shirley.

I was detained in SEPTEMBER 2019 and my Father was behind bars yesterday, because of this evil lady

  1. Before I talk about how I met this strange woman, I’d like to give a details of what happened yesterday which got me triggered on a whole new level.

Two weeks ago, the DPO called my father and said he wanted to see him to RESOLVE issues pending between me and Anita.

My father called me and I requested for the DPO’s number, I then spoke with him and he said “there was no need for me showing up at the police station” and said they only need my father. This case (which I’ll share below with receipts) is between me and Anita (pics above)

  1. I told the DPO that I was ready to be there to stand for myself and that I am ready to be in court, but then he said my presence wasn’t needed, just that of my father since he took me on bail in September 2019 when I was detained. I contacted my lawyer, but he was in court.
  2. My father then went there alone, and within a couple of minutes, he was placed behind the counter and then he called me.
    All these while Anita and her mother were there when all of these were happening. My father called me and told me of the matter at hand.

I lost my cool!

  1. I called the DPO, he started insulting me over the phone, calling me names and then ended the call on me.

It didn’t take long, my father was put behind bars.

Anita and her mother was there all through. They kept telling the police to charge the case to court today!

  1. I couldn’t go to work again. I had to make calls, I had to start contacting people.

My father went there, trusting the DPO because we have had several conversations with him on the issue and I have left Lagos a good number of times.

  1. It took all day to broker a deal with the police, and after several contacts both with my lawyers and some persons, he was released.

My father kept calling me several times and I was restless the whole day… My friend called and was angry with me.

  1. Now, let me talk about the issue between me and Anita Uka.

The issue started in August 11th, 2019.

I had just come back from Abuja and Anita’s mother Shirley, called me and said she had something to discus with me.
I have always respected her as an elder until this issue.

  1. I showed up in her house and she sat me down and said she wanted to talk to me about me and her daughter Anita… She said she was bitter that Anita had spent days crying because she was frustrated that I wasn’t responding to Anita’s show of love.
  2. She said Anita would make a perfect woman for me, because she’s intelligent, committed, can write business plans and can do anything to make me happy. She asked to know why I wasn’t seeing her daughter thay way.

I told her that I loved Anita as a friend and nothing more!

  1. Miss Shirley wouldn’t have any of it and kept pressuring me to consider and let me and Anita happen.
    She said I often say “I love you” to others even online but find it difficult to say it to Anita.

I told her the absolute truth which is, I don’t see her daughter that way

  1. While we were still talking? Anita jumped in and began to shout at the top of her voice, she said I accused her of giving her mother information about my activities and those I talked to, next thing, she threw tantrums and was yelling all over the place.
  2. It was too chaotic, I told her mother that if Anita continued shouting, I would not ever want to have that conversation and made her to understand that my position will never change!

As I stood up to walk out, Anita with both palms smashed me on my chest…

  1. She said “how dare you disrespect my mother and walk out of her when she’s talking”.

I was shocked because she has never tr

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