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    Nigerian Comedian Bovi Banned From Entering USA, See Reason

    Nigerian Comedian Bovi Banned From Entering USA

    Bovi, a Nigerian comedian, has been denied entry to the United States.

    Comedian and actor  Bovi Ugboma has been barred from visiting the United States, according to Wothappen.

    During a Q&A session on his Instagram account on Tuesday, the comic responded to questions from fans and revealed this.

    According to Bovi, he was banned from the entering U.S. after a conflict he had with a visa-issuing officer.

    The 42-year-old made the revelation when a fan asked him to come to Massachusetts to perform.

    “I’m banned in the USA,” Bovi retorted, adding “I am a citizen of the world. Except for Yankee where I’m banned”

    While explaining the reason for the ban, he said, “ill luck. Met a charity-like visa-issuing officer. Egos clashed. I was labelled. I go dey carry shoulder.”

    Bovi had in February 2022 revealed that he was almost accused of stealing at a London hotel until he told the hotel management to “google me”.

    Asked about his relationship with fellow comedian Ayo Makun, better known by his stage name AY, the comedian responded: “It’s a little bit of an issue.”

    “Have you ever seen Chris Rock at a Henry Hart show?” was his response to fans asking why he and AY did not perform at one other’s show.

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