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Neymar’s mother dating man 30 years younger after splitting with her husband, ex hubby, son congratulate her

Neymars mother

Neymar’s mother is beginning a new chapter in her life after splitting from the Paris Saint Germain’s strikers’ father.

The 52-year-old is reportedly in love with a man 30 years younger than her and a photo of her 22-year-old boyfriend has surfaced on social media.

Neymar is already having a stepdad six years younger than he is and his dad Neymar Snr, have congratulated the two lovebirds in a post on Instagram.

Neymar's mother

The new fling is believed to be a Real Madrid fan, a team Neymar has been linked with for several months amid his return to Barcelona.

Reactions about the latest couples have been buzzing on social media as some fans were stunned with the idea while some were irritated with the age difference.

One disappointed fan said with crying emoji’s: “This lad gonna be Neymar’s stepdad una.”

Another is surprised with the whole set up: “Waking up to find out that Neymar (28) has a new stepdad (22) who is now happily in love with Neymar’s mother (52) while her ex-husband (55) shows his happiness for them underneith their Instagram post.

“Brazil is quite a fascinating country.”

A third was totally stunned said: “Just woke up and saw that Neymar has a 22 year old step dad??”

And a fourth could not hide the shock: “Saw Neymar and his dad congratulating his mom for dating a 22-year-old. What the hell is happening to this planet.”

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