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Naira Marley’s Hood Peckham Unites in Candlelight Procession for Mohbad: Shedding Light on the Plight of the Homeless



Naira Marley’s Hood Peckham Unites in Candlelight Procession for Mohbad: Shedding Light on the Plight of the Homeless

Naira Marley, the Peckham-bred artist, has often professed his fondness for his roots in the United Kingdom. Unexpectedly, the passing of his co-singer Mohbad has stirred a substantial response from his Peckham fraternity.

This surge of emotions found its way into the public eye when a video depicting a large ensemble participating in a peace walk and candlelight procession in Mohbad’s memory ignited massive reactions. 

Interestingly, this turn of events has left web users contented, revealing to Naira Marley that his fame is equally palpable in Nigeria and that his Peckham family is not necessarily aligned with him. 

The untimely demise of the beloved singer Mohbad has sent shockwaves through the Nigerian community, both domestically and internationally, sparking peace rallies, protests, and poignant candlelight tributes in his commemoration. 

An evocative video making rounds online captures a heartfelt candlelight procession and march for peace taking place in Peckham, UK, as a tribute to the late singer. 

Interestingly, Peckham is the home of Naira Marley, who has been criticized by Nigerians for allegedly intimidating and exploiting Mohbad. 

In the video, a large gathering is seen, predominantly clad in black, carrying candles and chorusing to the tunes of one of the late singer’s melodies being played over a speaker. 

To witness the procession, you can view the video underneath: 

Social media users’ reaction to the Peckham candlelight procession”


“Dem don render Naira homeless both home and away, na fugitive lifestyle remain for am now”


“No be Naira home be that… omo I will advise not to go UK again just go back Nigeria jeje.”


“AH for Naira Base gangan una get mind o.#justiceformohbad.”


“Omo I wish he could see and feel the love “


“The unity between Nigerians is next to none but the government won use tribalism wound person. Keep resting soldier #ripmohbad️”


“True true Mohbad na IMOLE,e bright pass halogen!”


“If we are even being honest, we can all see that Mohbad was not a bad person during his life! And I can categorically say that his spirit is still so active that people can’t even get him of their brains… oh Mohbad we wish we could have you back … only if there’s a miracle that can bring you back to us “


“Justice for Mohbad and justice we will get.. God bless u OBA , URE OUR VOICE ND FIGHTER ❤️❤️❤️”


“Naira Marley is done for.”

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