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N2 Million Fuel”: Man Carries Overhead Tank to Filling Station to Buy Fuel, People Chase Him in Viral Video

A viral video has shown the moment a man arrived a filling station to buy fuel with a very big overhead tank

The tank which can contain nothing less than 1,200 litres of fuel kind of scared people who queued up to buy fuel

The video showed when the man was finally driven away from the station as he was not allowed to buy

A video recorded at a filling station has shown when a man came to buy fuel with a big overhead tank.

Apparently in a bid to store up fuel for himself during the period of scarcity, the man rolled the tank into line and tried to queue up like others.

N2 Million Fuel Man Carries Overhead Tank to Filling Station to Buy Fuel People Chase Him in Viral Video
People did not allow the man to buy fuel with his overhead tank Photo credit TikTokreal coker<br>Source UGC

Customers who were at the station were stunned when they saw the tank which can contain nothing less than 1,200 litres when filled to the brim.

Viral video of man trying to buy fuel with 1,200 litres overhead tank

It was as if the staff of the filling station and other customers were not comfortable with someone buy with such a large container.

The man appears to have been chased away by those controlling the line at the station and he eventually rolled the tank away. The video was posted by @real_coke.

Watch the video below:


Wahala 😂😂 make person use this one come buy fuel 😂😂

♬ original sound – Real_Coker

Reactions from TikTok users


“I’m leaving this comment here so that each time a person likes, I come back to rewatch and laugh.”

“@call me your favorite nurse said:

“Na my front dey carry this drum con buy fuel.”

@user5263018635496 commented:

“People living in earth are something else. I’m commenting from mecury.”

@OmoAde commented:

“We too dey play for dis country.”

@Dee_21savage said:

“Ha ha have ha. I don’t know what to say ooo. You have done it all.”

@marktony616 said:

“This one happen for ibadan..werey full every city.”

@__Robynwealth said:

“Na 2m go full am.”

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She had her nails nicely done and eyelashes hotly fixed.

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