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My sister-in-law is very sweet, but I despise her. Users on Reddit are in disbelief over family drama



My sister-in-law is very sweet, but I despise her. Users on Reddit are in disbelief over family drama

My sister-in-law is so wonderful, I detest her is a current Am I The A**hole Reddit submission that has gained popularity after a person recounted their experience. Users are now discussing the shocking family drama in their comments.

One of the most popular categories of posts on the site is the Am I The A**hole Reddit sub. Every now and then, a post from the sub becomes viral for giving readers a previously untold tale. The same thing has happened this time with a post titled “My sister-in-law is so nice, I hate her,” which has since gained popularity.

My sister-in-law is so nice, I hate her’ Reddit story explained

The ‘My sister-in-law is so nice, I hate her’ Reddit story has gone viral not just across the platform but also in other places like TikTok, Twitter, and more. The original post was made on June 28, 2023. It has now been deleted from the Am I The A**hole sub-Reddit. But its copies have surfaced on other subreddits.

The story has also left many feeling that it’s so shocking that it may not be real. But this is how the story goes – The OP is a 34-year-old female. She and her husband Mark (34, M) sadly lost their baby at 22 weeks of pregnancy. “This was our first pregnancy that progressed this far, so we were filled with hope,” the OP notes in her post. Since her loss, the OP claims she made it clear that she did not want to talk to anyone and did not want any visits. However, her sister-in-law Ella kept sending “deliveries of food every now and then with stupid a** messages like “you are cared for” and “we’re here for you”, “thinking of you”.

Earlier in the post she describes her sister-in-law, Ella (30, F) as a “typical annoyingly bubbly girl.” Ella’s food deliveries and thoughtful messages caused the OP’s husband to praise her thoughtfulness which she found infuriating. While there were still niceties between the sisters-in-law, it all went downhill after Ella visited the OP.

OP lashed out and called her sister-in-law the C word

The OP explains how her sister-in-law phoned her to ask if they could all meet as it was for something urgent. “She apologized, saying she knew it wasn’t the right time, but the wedding is only a month away, and this conversation couldn’t be delayed any longer,” we learn.

Ella then tells the OP that she wants to delay her wedding to the OP’s brother by six months. It was originally scheduled to take place in a month. Paraphrasing her sister-in-law’s words the OP reveals she said, “I don’t feel this is the best time to have a wedding. I really want you at my wedding party, and I suspect you won’t want to be around people asking you what happened.” However, things really go downhill when Ella says, “Whenever you feel up to we could have a girl’s day to get you a new dress.”

Shocking her sister-in-law, her brother, and her mother who were present at the scene the OP lashes out at Ella saying the C-word. She feels her sister-in-law is looking for “sympathy at my expense.” She also calls her a “conniving and manipulative piece of work.” The sister-in-law runs out crying.

However, the story hasn’t ended yet. The OP’s brother and Ella’s fiance also wrote his side of the story on Reddit.

OP’s brother calls her a ‘racist’ in his post

“Jesus Christ Rachel. The next time you want to try to make yourself the victim (like you ALWAYS do), do it on a site that I don’t use almost every day,” he writes in his post.

He goes on to claim that the OP conveniently left out the detail that her sister-in-law aka Ella is ‘black.’ He claims the OP called her more than the C word and he wouldn’t be allowed to post her exact words on the subreddit. “But I’ll verify for everyone here: You’re a bully, a racist, and an a**hole and you always have been,” he writes.

The story becomes even more twisted when the brother revealed that Ella too had a miscarriage previously. He alleges that the OP’s response to hit was “an eye roll and a smirk and then make offhanded comments about how Ella should have been ‘more careful’ because you thought her working out of the house was ‘bad for the baby’.

He tells her to delete his number along with his fiance’s and their mother’s. “Got Rot” he says.

Users react to family fiasco

While the original post on Am I The A**hole got deleted, many users got there in time to comment on it.

“Sorry for your loss but that’s not how you treat people,” one user shared.

“If I was in your family I would make a note to never, ever attempt to be nice to you,” a second person noted.

“Your Future Sister in Law sounds delightful and you sound like you are and were always miserable,” a third person noted.

On Tiktok many users who learned about the story were left horrified.

“You called her what?” a TikTok user wrote in shock under a repost.

“My jaw seriously dropped at the ‘i called her…”part,” another said.

Many who could not believe how insane the story sounded said, “there’s no way this is real.”

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