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My Mother is Cheating on My Dad”: Nigerian Man Catches Mum Sleeping Around With Her Lover, Story Goes Viral



A Nigerian man has discovered that his mother is cheating on his father, and he is heartbroken because of it

The man said the situation got him frustrated, especially as his father is currently down, having lost everything

He said he does not know if his mother’s promiscuity and dirty lifestyle were the course of his father’s misfortune

A man has found out that his mother is not faithful to his father and is frustrated about it.

The man said he confronted his mother about her cheating escapades, but she refused to stop the ugly act.

My Mother is Cheating on My Dad": Nigerian Man Catches Mum Sleeping Around With Her Lover, Story Goes Viral
The man said he asked his mother to stop cheating, but she refused. Photo credit: Getty Images/Digitalskillet and Miodrag ignjatovic.
Source: Getty Images

In an anonymous message he sent to Twitter user @MrMekzy, the man said his father lost everything and is currently down.These Are the Richest Women Celebrities in AmericaKeep Watching

He said he suspects that his mother’s ugly activities are responsible for his father’s downfall.

He wrote in the message:

“My mum is cheating on my dad. I found out and confronted her to stop it. She is still cheating. I’m the first son. I have no job and I’m still doubtful of my dreams and visions. My dad has lost it all. He only has me and my siblings and my mum.”

See the tweet below:

Reactions from Twitter users as man says his mother is cheating

Many reactions have trailed the man’s story as members of the public advised him on what to do.

@madamcondensed said:

“The last line about promiscuity is likely possible. Forgive her, pray for her – pray to be free from the hate and anger you’re feeling. Your prayers can’t work with unforgiveness in the heart.”

@morphine_sznn commented:

“What if you tell the old man and it raises his BP and worsens his health and even eventually kill him.”

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