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My Brain Started Leaking”: Brilliant Lady who Made A’s In All Courses Shares How Roommate Turned Her to Olodo



  • A Nigerian lady has recounted her heartwrenching ordeal with her roommate who tried to ruin her life
  • According to the young student, her roommate tried to use ‘juju’ to make her go backwards academically
  • Fortunately, through the help of a dedicated pastor, she was able to find out about the plot and recover herself

A Nigerian lady has surprised netizens on Twitter after sharing her experience with her roommate.

Sharing her story via her official Twitter account @Lizie_Tule, she revealed how her academic life suddenly changed for the worse.

Lady narrates how roommate tampered her brain spiritually Photo credit: Pius Utomi Ekpei, Juanmonino/ Getty images
Source: Getty Images

Lizzie who used to be an A student in school began to struggle to pass exams and remember everything she had read during exams.

Her lecturers got bothered about the situation but she was unable to open up about her situation.

Lizzie blames roommate for academic misfortune

However, shortly afterwards, Lizie came in contact with a pastor who told her that her brain was leaking spiritually.

The pastor revealed that her roommate was the problem and gave her an anointing oil to use at home.

Not long after she heeded the pastor’s advice, her problem was solved and her roommate packed out of the house unprovoked.

She narrated:

“I was an A student until my 300 level when my performance dropped drastically. 11 courses and I have only B’s. Hot tears. I was always sick and at a point my coursemates thought I was SS.

“Had issues with mental coordination. I study hard but when it’s time for test or exam, I start feeling a disconnection btw my head and my neck. I struggle to remember and then I start having severe headaches.

“My lecturers would call and chide me that I’m playing too much but I couldn’t share what was wrong with me cos I had no explanation for it.

“One day my sister went to church and pastor gave her prophecy about me. He asked me to come back home so he will pray with me. Don’t leave me. This is where it gets interesting.

“Went home, prayed with me, and told me my roommate had hit my head with a hammer and my brain is leaking spiritually that’s why I find it difficult to coordinate and remember things. She doesn’t read but she’s having A’s while you having C’s and D’s.” Wawu.”

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