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Muslim cleric’s wife seeks divorce after catching husband in bed with married woman



At the Igando Customary Court in Lagos, a 15-year-old marriage with four kids is on the verge of being dissolved over the allegations of infidelity.

Rebecca Adeniyi, a middle-age woman told the court that her husband who is a Muslim cleric is having affairs with the female members of his mosque, both married and single, The Nation reports.

Rebecca who is asking the court to dissolve the marriage said she caught her husband red-handed making love with a married woman.

She said the husband identified as Yusuf, however, begged her not to make the issue public, saying the husband of the woman he was caught with will divorce her if he gets to know.

The woman added that the serial infidelity of her cleric husband made members to stop attending their mosque.

Rebecca also accused her husband of being fetish. She said her marriage to the cleric was on the influence of charm.

According to her, the husband stopped taking care of her after she caught with the married woman.

The imam reacts, admits sleeping with a married man

The cleric admitted sleeping with the married woman but blamed it on the devil. He, however, denied being fetish and accused his wife of the same, instead.

The cleric also accused his wife of infidelity saying she was sleeping with the husband of the woman he had an affair with.

However, he told the court not to dissolve the marriage, saying he still loves his wife.

The case has been adjourned until March 20 for judgment.

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