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    Mr P was left speechless after fans in Liberia showered them with love (Watch)

    Mr P was left speechless after fans in Liberia showered them with love (Watch)

    Richard Nana Sam, a Ghanaian father who was saddened by recent events happening in his house decided to vent them out on social media with the hope of finding some solution.

    Narrating the ordeal in the famous Ghanaian Facebook group, Tell It All, Richard disclosed that he decided to hire a home teacher for his twins (a boy and a girl) who are both 19 years old.

    The teacher said she is 3 months pregnant

    According to Richard, he made sure not to select a male teacher because he did not want to risk coming back home one day to hear an unpleasant story about the tutor and his daughter.

    To his surprise, the 28-year-old female teacher came to him one day with a story portraying exactly what he was trying hard to avoid.

    “Beloved, after 8months of teaching my children, the teacher one day came to inform me that she is 3 months pregnant for my son of which my son also accepted the pregnancy is really his. She says she in love with my son so I should allow them to marry,” Richard said.

    What social media users are saying

    Theodora Mawuse Norvor said: “Sometimes you just need to hand these children over to God who gave them to you. As human no matter how much you love your children and want to protect them you are limited but God is not.”

    Nana Ama Darkowaa indicated: “The best solution here sir, is to accept the pregnancy take care of the lady financially till she delivers the baby. Convince your boy that he cannot get married at his age, he must focus on his studies for now and get married later when he gets matured enough to settle down even with his teacher.”

    Kabeiku Quansah mentioned: “Please don’t allow them to marry oh! Who said love is only criteria for marriage. Let your boy continue his education and you take care of the pregnancy since he has accepted responsibility.”

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