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Movie Review: Why you’ll have to watch ‘Money Miss Road’ for fun but with your brain aside

Movie Review: Why you’ll have to watch ‘Money Miss Road’ for fun but with your brain aside

After much publicity, Kemi Filani News team had to go see Money Miss Road after its global release in cinemas across Nigeria, UK, USA and Canada earlier this month.

The action-comedy produced by Joy Efe Odiete, the CEO of Blue Pictures, was directed by award-winning film director, Obi Emelonye whose creative imprints are in Nollywood blockbusters like, ‘Last Flight to Abuja’, ‘Mirror Boy’, ‘Oxford Garden’ and ‘BADAMASI’.

No doubt, ‘Money Miss Road’ has great casts like legendary entertainer Charly Boy Oputa alongside Swanky JKA (Jide Kene Achufusi), Josh2funny (Josh Alfred), Oma Iyasara, Melvin Oduah and Anthony Monjaro.

The movie captures the struggles, dreams and drive of downtown existence, highlighting the lives of two friends, Josiah (Josh2funny) and Joseph ( Jide Achufusi) whose chance encounter with Diokpa (Charly Boy), a ruthless criminal kingpin, would set up for a life of luxury and misery as their rat race for survival unravels.

Well, all listed above was what we expected of Money Miss Road and our expectations, and high hopes were dashed.

To be able to enjoy the movie, which lasted for only an hour thirty-eight minutes, one needs to head to the cinema with his or her sense of thorough reasoning at home. 

An example is having to wonder how a family who had lived in the ghettos (Makoko for that matter)  all their lives but in a twinkle of an eye (which is barely 24 hours), they had switched to the wealthy lifestyle. Accent changed, table manners too; now eating with fork and knife. Did that shock you? 

How about a set of able-bodied men in Power Bikes who couldn’t catch up with two men running on foot? 

A Fugitive roamed the streets of Lagos and Abuja without disguise, yet no one raised an alarm..?

Indeed with  Money Miss Road, Wonders cease to end. 

Just like most Nigerian comedy movies, it is not always about the script but the funny words and actions.

Will Money Miss Road make you laugh yes, it would surely crack your ribs? Sadly, that is all it has to offer.

Josh2Funny also did a good job with his lines. We thoroughly enjoyed his side talks and facial expressions.

As an action-comedy film;  ‘Money Miss Road’ is rated 4/10 for at least fulfilling the comedy part of its promise.

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