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Movie Review: ‘Hey You’ is not just sexy but delicious

Movie Review Hey You is not just sexy but delicious

If you love romantic, sexual movies; then you should be rushing to the cinema to see Hey You. Okay, let me give you a hint of what to expect

Hey You is the story of Bianca, a young lady who is a stripper on Fans Only and Abel, a tech bro who are neighbours. Abel has been a customer of Bianca on the premium platform when she strips for him while he jerks off, but despite being neighbours and eventually friends, they didn’t know the other side of themselves. 

On Bianca’s birthday, she got drunk, and Abel had to take her to her apartment, only to find out that she was the mysterious stripper girl he had been fond of. Well, he didn’t tell her, and they just continued their relationship. 

They seemed to be growing in love when Bianca’s boyfriend got back into the country unannounced, and Bianca was stuck between choosing her loving, rich boyfriend and Abel, the timid tech bro she is in love with. Guess who she chose.

To start with, it was quite a bold movie and seeing some sex scenes well executed has to be complemented. The storyline was smooth as the writer didn’t try to do so much yet was able to achieve so much. Special credit to the introductory part of the movie; from the beginning, you already know you are in for a good ride. 

The directing was a good one also. The director was attentive to details, which is commendable, and although there are a few flaws, there are still forgivable. For instance, how was Bianca’s door open on the day she was raped. Considering she was also trying to hide it from Abel, it wasn’t realistic that the door was open. Then the wedding scene, how did they move from morning to night in a snap? So, they kissed from morning till night? Na wa. Anyway, beyond a few of these flaws, Hey You is a good one. 

The editor and graphics guy should be specially appreciated. The use of 3D in even the drawings was amazing. Abel was a tech guy, and they did perfectly in describing him as such. Also, the switch between the club and Bianca in her eyes was sweet to watch. 

The acting is the spice of the movie. Timini has grown so much as an actor, and it is beautiful to see. Also, the connection between him and Efe Irele cannot be ignored; they made the sex scene look real. Stan Nze is a brilliant actor; he was the comic relief in the movie and did it well. Rotimi Salami still played his role well despite barely saying anything throughout the movie. Tope Olowoniyan is fast becoming a Nollywood darling, and we love to see it. By the way, Seyi Awolowo should act more often; he is beginning to get his foot in Nollywood. In a nutshell, every single actor in Hey You did a great job. 

The costume was on check; make-up was on check, set and light were perfectly on check. Let’s say; Victoria Akujobi and Niyi Akinmolayan did a good one with Hey You. For ratings, it would get a 9/10

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