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Mohbad’s Dad Exposes Singer, Says he Misuse the Contribution Money for Son’s Naming Ceremony, Video Goes Viral



Mohbad's Dad Exposes Singer's Misuse of Contribution Money for Son's Naming Ceremony, Video Goes Viral

In a video that has been causing ripples on social media, Mohbad’s father has made some claims about his popular son’s finances. According to the father, the only tangible asset Mohbad possesses is a piece of land, which interestingly is registered in his son’s name. 

The elder toked an exception to the rumors about his son’s wealth, clarifying that the singer had not invested in any buildings, contrary to what many had anticipated. Further, he raised eyebrows by revealing that the funds used to organize the lavish naming ceremony for Mohbad’s child were pooled from a thrift contribution, rather than from Mohbad’s own coffers. 

As can be expected, the video has spread like wildfire across various social media platforms. Netizens have been quick to react, with some leveling criticism at Mohbad’s father for airing such information about his son’s financial affairs publicly.

Mohbad’s dad also revealed the singer was so broke that he used thrift contribution (Ajo) to organise his child’s naming ceremony!

Watch the video below:

Netizens react as Mohbad’s dad speaks about singer

The team at havecompiled some of the reactions that trailed the video, see them below:


“The only thing this man is concerned about is property !!! Ffs!”


“Ahhhh see Wetin a feather dey talk ? Omo you’re not a father sorry so say .”


“Why this man they emphasize of his son property bayi… una sha Dey look for means on how una go shift the matter for the wife head abi…”


“Maybe he does not want to give him.”


“This man isn’t his father. Period ✌️ If he still has mother on earth Omoh This man talks too much I believe the man knows more to his demise .”


“Una never no anytin is better you do your WILL if you hav a child or children wetin family go do to your property and your kids Shock will catch you in your grave.” Wat is jegun? Mohbad has a child awon nuisance father.”

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