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Mick Hucknall Age, Height, Biography, Parents, Wife, Net Worth



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Mick Hucknall biography, age height, net worth, relationship, family and many more can be accessed below.

Mick Hucknall is an English pop singer and songwriter who is the founder and lead musician of the popular British band, known as Simply Red.

Mick Hucknall Age
Now, his age has become 58 years old.

Mick Hucknall Height
His height has become 5 feet 11 inches as of 2022.

Mick Hucknall Nationality
Mick Hucknall is English.

Mick Hucknall Biography
On 8th June 1960, Hucknall was born in the famous hospital Saint Mary’s Hospital, Manchester. He was only a child.

As a child, he saw Buddy Guy, a blues guitarist with a diamond in his tooth. When he become 3 years old, his mother left the family forever.

However, the disturbance caused by this event inspired him to write “Holding Back the Years”. Afterward, that has been one of Simply Red’s biggest and best-known hits. Then, he went to the Audenshaw School for getting an education.

Earlier, he had started education at Tameside College and Manchester Polytechnic’s School of Art. where he was a student of fine art: while at art school, he lived in Hulme.

Hucknall belonged to Irish Ancestry from his mother’s side, and belong to Country Offaly from his father’s side, along with his paternal grandmother.

His maternal grandmother was Jewish.

Mick Hucknall Parents
His father’s name is Reg Hucknall and his mother’s name is Maureen Taylor.

His mother left him and his father when he was three years old. Although she moved on to other men, there are no records of children she had with them.

Mick Hucknall Siblings
There is not much information about Mick Hucknall’s siblings.

Mick Hucknall Wife
He and his wife have been married since 2010. However, they were lovers for very long time before they married.

He become married to Gabriella Wesberry and the couple has a daughter.

Mick Hucknall Children
His daughter’s name is Romy True Hucknall.

Mick Hucknall Career
As of 2012, Hucknall has released the song ‘American Soul’ which has reached the 6th position on the UK charts. Later, he co-wons Ask Property Development.

Hucknall is well-known for being the lead musician and songwriter of the band Simply Red. At the age of 3, his mother become left to the family. This event inspired him to write the hit song ‘Holding Back the Years’.

As of the 1970s, he was a major part of the group known as Frantic Elevators. Later, he became the musician of Simply Red.

He has sold over 50 million albums during his 25 years career with the band. After getting huge popularity, he initially had a Ruby put in and changed it to a diamond to celebrate the new millennium.

In this event, with more than 25 members who played with Simply Red at one point or another, he was the only one to be with the band between 1985 to 2010.

Then, Simple Red released the next latest 10 studio albums and won two Brit Awards for Best British Group.

Hucknall was known as one of the founders of the reggae record label Blood and Fire, in addition to the label Afterwards, he released a solo album titled “Tribute to Bobby” in the year 2018. Also, A Tribute To Mick Hucknall by Darren Alboni.

Hucknall is a huge fan of football games, and also a big supporter of Manchester United. His song “We’re In This Together” was the competition anthem of the 1996 UEFA European Football Championship and he performed it at its opening and closing ceremonies.

Mick Hucknall Net Worth
Approximately, Mick Hucknall’s net worth has reached over 60 million USD in the year 2022.

The Greater- Manchester-born has gained record sales of nearly 50 million and owns properties in Milan, Paris, Ireland, and Surrey.

His company is well-known by, which is generating £5.5 million profit on £14.1 million sales in the year 2010 to 2011.

But he has appeared only £1.4 million net assets to the audience when it filed shortened accounts per Sunday Times report.

Additionally, Mick Hucknall spends a few of his money on charity work. He has contributed to some charities in which includes Sir Bobby Robson Foundation, SOS Children’s Villages, Teenage Cancer Trust, Amnesty International, and St Mungo’s.

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