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Meet 58 year old blind lawyer who has never lost any case in court

A physically-challenged person, Geoffrey Asadu, has re-established the fact that there is ability in disability by becoming a lawyer with a clean record of not losing any case despite practising for over two decades.

The 58-year-old lawyer, who spoke with The Sun, said he was six when he suddenly went blind. gathers that Asadu said he had a headache that lasted for about three days before he was rushed to the hospital.

He said: “As the headache continued, I was taken to Akulue Hospital, Nsukka, where I was administered with one drug by one medical doctor, who owned the hospital. I was given an injection by the doctor for three days.

Meet 58 year old blind lawyer who has never lost any case in court

“On the third morning, I was supposed to go to hospital but I was surprised to discover that I couldn’t see. I became totally and automatically blind. I got up that morning but couldn’t see. I groped and started shouting that I wasn’t seeing again.”

The legal practitioner said he was thereafter rushed to two other hospitals but all to no avail.

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He said: “We even went as far as Kano state but all to no avail. My sight couldn’t come back, till today. My father did everything he could to make me see again but it was no longer possible.”

Asadu said he later told the doctor that administered an injection on him that many people were of the opinion that the injection was the cause of his blindness, adding that the statement made the doctor worried and uneasy.

The legal practitioner said life as a lawyer has not been easy, adding that he does not have any regrets.

He said: “I have not lost any case in court since I started practising more than 25 years now. I am feeling so much fulfilled. I don’t think there is anything I could have achieved better or more if I was not blind.”

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Asadu, who is married with seven children, two of whom are now graduates, advised physically-challenged people not to see their condition as an excuse to degrade themselves.

He added: “It is not a certificate for them to start begging on the streets and other undignified activities. Let them look into themselves and see what they can do for themselves. They should start small business or any craft, rather than begging.”

Asadu, however, called on government at all levels to look into the problems and challenges of physically challenged people in society.

In other news, a 52-year-old visually impaired man, Taiwo Edekere, recently tied the knot with his 43-year-old heartthrob, also visually-challenged Grace Taiwo, at the Makurdi Registry, Benue state.

The couple spoke about the journey of their love and how they got married against the advice of many people.

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1 Comment

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