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Discover the amazing net worth of Mavis Hee, Miss Photogenic and Miss Amity in the 1992 Singapore Miss Chinatown Pageant. Learn about her entry into the 1994 Chen Jiaming singing contest, her diverse albums and her success as a singer-songwriter in Taiwan.

Mavis Hee is a Singaporean singer, songwriter, and actress who was the second runner-up and also Miss Photogenic and Miss Amity in Singapore’s Miss Chinatown Pageant 1992.

In 1994, musician and producer Chen Jiaming held a singing contest to find potential singers for his new record label; Mavis Hee entered the contest and was chosen by Chen. Mavis Hee Knowly’s debut album was released in August 1994. After its release, Taiwanese singer-songwriter Jonathan Lee invited her to join his production company, however, she turned down the offer so she could continue working with her mentor, Chen.

Mavis Hee went on to release other chart-topping albums and her debut album in Taiwan, Regret, catapulted her to fame in the region. She was tagged “Killer Queen” for defeating Wang Fei and “The Four Heavenly Kings of Cantopop” on the sales chart. The album sold 600,000 copies in Taiwan alone. Her next album, Living By Night, sold 550,000 copies in Taiwan. Both albums have sold over 2,000,000 copies in Asia, of which Regret sold nearly 2,500,000 copies.

Following this success, Mavis Hee burst onto the competitive Cantonese market with the release of Listen Quietly. The album topped the Hong Kong International Phonograph Industry Federation’s sales chart for three consecutive weeks, beating out Hong Kong singers Andy Lau, Leon Lai, and Sammi Cheng. She became the first Singaporean to win Favorite Female Vocalist at the HK Metro Hit Awards, beating Faye Wong. In 1995, Mavis Hee starred in Mediacorp’s long-running television series, Tofu Street.

She also released a compilation album, Beginning To Listen: Review 1996-1999, which sold nearly 500,000 copies in Taiwan. Its success is attributed to the only new song “The Cigarette You Smoke” on the album, as it became famous for being featured in a Taiwanese TV series.

Her latest studio album was electronically delivered Static Electrical in 2000. She is still best known for her ballads, some of which have become classics, such as “Regret”, “Iron Window”, “Nightlife”, “Sun After Rain”, and “Moonlight in the City”.

Mavis Hee in 1998 was chosen by cinematographer Christopher Doyle to star in his debut film Away With Words. Mavis Hee disappeared from the entertainment industry after 2001, when her record label What’s Music was merged into Universal Music Taiwan and the company was unable to incorporate her artistic honesty into business considerations.

Mavis Hee was also named China’s Cultural Ambassador in 2001. She also recorded the hit single “Watch TV” with Singaporean singers Tanya Chua and Stefanie Sun, and was a guest host at the 2002 Star Award as well as the 2006 Star Award.

Her major public performances after 2006 including CCTV’s 2008 Annual Mid-Autumn Festival Exhibition quickly raised Mavis Hee’s reputation throughout China and Asia, as well as being a special guest at the show and also at Nanyang Technological University and Stefanie Sun’s 10th anniversary EMBA concert in 2014. In 2015, Singapore’s Mediacorp released a TV series titled Crescendo based on Mavis Hee’s singing career.

In 2021, Mavis Hee released a re-recording of “Moonlight in the City” in partnership with Disney+, to promote the platform’s expanding library of Asian content. The release came with a music video featuring Mavis Hee performing the song with people of different ages. In an email interview with 8 Days, she also expressed her plans to release new music soon and tour China.

In 2023, Mavis Hee performed at the National Day Concert jointly organized by Gardens by the Bay and Mediacorp. She is also a member of several music festivals in China in cities such as Hainan, Xi’an, and Shanghai.

Mavis Hee became an Ambassador of the National Kidney Foundation Singapore in 1999 and also volunteered for the Youth Challenge the same year. She performed the theme song of the Singapore National Day Parade 2000, “Shine on Me”, along with Jai Wahab.

Mavis Hee appeared as a special guest on February 13, 2007, at the Silver Ribbon (Singapore) charity concert and sang “Moonlight in the City”. On September 27, 2007, her 33rd birthday, she released two new singles after a 7-year hiatus. These were the theme songs for the movie Anna & Anna, “Remain Behind” and “Unknown Location”.

In June 2008, Mavis Hee opened a charity concert with other Singaporean singers to raise funds to help the victims of the 2008 Sichuan earthquake. She sang “Moonlight in the City” and “Sunshine After” the Rain”.

From 2003 to 2004, Mavis Hee is known to have traveled all over Italy. In June 2006, she was arrested after harassing two guests at the Ritz-Carlton hotel. She was hospitalized at the Mental Health Institute of Singapore and was diagnosed with clinical depression after a brief 4-week hospital stay. She thanked her fans for their support in late 2006.

Mavis Hee received the IMH NHG Exemplary Patient Award on October 27, 2014, where she openly discussed her experience with clinical depression and strongly advocated mental health care, encouraging people to seek early treatment.

How much is Mavis Hee Worth?

Mavis Hee’s actual net isn’t known but is estimated to be worth between $1 million – $5 million

How much does Mavis Hee earn per month?

How much Mavis Hee earns at the end of the month as a singer isn’t known

Is Mavis Hee a millionaire?

Though the actual net worth of Mavis Hee to determine whether she’s a millionaire or not isn’t known, we believe she’s gradually building her own empire.

What Car does Mavis Hee drives?

The type of car Mavis Hee drives isn’t known

Does Mavis Hee own any properties?

Mavis Hee might own some properties but hasn’t made them public

How did Mavis Hee make her money?

Mavis Hee made her money through her music career.


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