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    Mase calls out Diddy, says he preaches black excellence but keeps his own artists “enslaved’


    Mase, one of Diddy’s Bad Boy Records stars, has called the mogul out over his Grammy speech.

    At the Clive Davis’ pre-Grammys gala last weekend, Diddy called out the Recording Academy for overlooking rap and R&B musicians in major categories.

    “Every year y’all be killing us man,” Diddy said. “The amount of time it takes to make these records, to pour your heart into it, and you just want an even playing field..”

    Despite getting praised for the criticisms of the Grammys, Mase has come out to put Diddy on blast for being a hypocrite and doing bad business with artistes

    In a lengthy Instagram post, the “Mo Money, Mo Problems” rapper whose real name is Mason Durell Betha claimed that Diddy keeps his own artists “enslaved,” purposely starves them and subjects them to his “horrendous business model.”

    Mase also went on to say that he offered Diddy 2 million dollars in cash to buy back his publishing, and Diddy refused, unless he matched another price.

    Writing on his page alongside a picture of Meek Mill and his tweet on slave contracts, the 42-year-old wrote:

    @diddy I heard your #Grammy speech about how u are now for the artist and about how the artist must take back control. So I will be the first to take that initiative. Also, before we ask of other ethnicities to do us right we should do us as black people better. Especially the creators. I heard u loud and clear when u said that u are now for the artist and to that my response is if u want to see change you can make a change today by starting with yourself. 

    Your past business practices knowingly has continued purposely starved your artist and been extremely unfair to the very same artist that helped u obtain that Icon Award on the iconic Badboy label. For example, u still got my publishing from 24 years ago in which u gave me $20k. Which makes me never want to work w/ u as any artist wouldn’t after u know someone is robbing you & tarnishing your name when u don’t want to comply w/ his horrendous business model.

    However, people would always ask what’s up w/ Mase? So I would be forced to still perform to not look crazy when I was getting peanuts and the robbery would continue. So many great moments and people lives in music were lost. But again, I rode with u in the face of death without flinching & u still wouldn’t do right. I never said anything because I wanted to wait until I was financially great so I can ensured that I was addressing this from a pure place and not out of spite. 

    To add insult, u keep screaming black excellence and love but I know love isn’t free.So I offered u 2m in cash just a few days ago to sell me back my publishing(as his biggest artist alive) that always show u respect for u giving me an opportunity at 19 yrs old. 

    Your response was if I can match what the EUROPEAN GUY OFFER him that would be the only way I can get it back. Or else I can wait until I’m 50 years old and it will revert back to me from when I was 19 years old. You bought it for about 20k & I offered you 2m in cash. This is not black excellence at all. 

    When our own race is enslaving us. If it’s about us owning, it can’t be about us owning each other. No More Hiding Behind “Love”. U CHANGED? GIVE THE ARTIST BACK THEIR $$$. So they can take care of their families

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