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“Marry Early”: Curvy Young-looking Mum with Huge Backside Dances with Her Grown Son in Video

A beautiful video of a mother and son doing an incredible choreographed dance has gone viral on social media

The young boy was fully dressed in his school uniform while his curvy mother rocked a brown body hug gown

What kept netizens in stitches was the fact that the mother was in heels but her son was still taller than her

When parents and children become friends with each other, such family bonds are usually hard to break.

In a trending video, the healthy relationship between a mother and her son was clearly visible.

Marry Early Curvy Young looking Mum with Huge Backside Dances with Her Grown Son in Video
Curvy mum dances with mum Photo Credit nelisiwe436<br>Source TikTok

They were close enough to at least rehearse a dance style and perform it seamlessly.

As soon as the music started playing in the background, the mother and son prepared and adjusted themselves to showcase their moves.

They danced together in a synchronised style with only their hands; a dance style that is quite is popular on social media.

The mother once in a while glanced at her son, to ensure she wasn’t missing any steps while the boy just stared at the camera with a smile on his face.

Social media reactions

@khethi_khethi wrote:

“I love de way mommy was so happy that she did it so nicely.”

@nompunyoni wrote:

“So cute. but wait mommy is in heels and sonny is still taller.”

@imrahn_the_cartoon7 commented:

“I think I can be the father to this son.”

@theturnupqueen1 said:

“Who watched this more than once?”

@naagerty commented:

“So he is taller than you even in heels when he is not even done school… these children don’t respect.”

@dinero_zubby wrote:

“I can’t believe he is still taller than u( yet you’re still on heels).”

@calista_cco wrote:

“When son is your favourite person.”

@ralph_mdakx wrote:

“Ok I’m going to wait for my son to be born but this is so cute.”

@ma_nuel_ commented:

“U guys nailed it.”

@kg1100407752329 commented:

“I love de way mommy.”

@traceyluban wrote:

“One of the best things abt students and teachers these days is they relate and have fun at school pretty lady you are there Nelly.”

View@sahcrid commented:

“I love this.”

@ladytee1209 wrote:

“Lol the excitement ka madam.”

@bonganimelvin3 wrote:

“The next Oscar mbo.”

@orlandorobinsonmi commented:

“Beautiful I like the boy too.”

@sweetdays wrote:

“Luv ur dress mummy.”

@movies777k wrote:

“I missed my mom.”

@gabosethwara said:

“A gentleman in the making.”

@chimdee7 wrote:

“Was the turn really necessary?”

@brace144 commented:

“Can God give me a son too?”

Watch the video below:

Single mother dances with her son

Meanwhile, WOTHAPPEN previously reported that a video of a young mother dancing together with her 14-year-old son has gone viral on social media.

Portable Zee on TikTok got pregnant with her son when she was just 13 years old. However, despite her young age, Zee took a decision to keep her baby and train him up with everything she has. He is currently 14 years old and a video of them together shows that the mother and son now look like siblings.

@adaobiindraobiekw said: “mine is 18 years now and he is in the university, it can only be God, thank God I didn’t abort him back then oo, Cos I was just 19.”

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