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Married woman who rented house for another man discovers he is also married

One woman described how she supported her boyfriend with the funds her husband paid from abroad.

A woman said in a post going viral on social media that she had learned that her lover is married with children.



Married woman who rented house for another man discovers he is also married

Recently, a married woman who was seeing another man learned that her partner was also wed.

According to a report shared on Twitter by Segalink, the woman’s spouse is a foreigner, and she has a different lover at home.

She said she used part of the money her husband sent to her from abroad to take care of the lover.

One of the things she helped the man do was secure an apartment with her husband’s money.

The woman was surprised when she found out that the man, who she has been dating for two years, and spending her husband’s money on was also married with children.

She was reportedly with the man one day, when his wife sent a message, telling him she and their son named Junior were missing him badly.

Part of the story reads:

“I’m in a relationship with this guy for the past two years. I supported him, and I also supported in renting a house for him. I had plans that we were going to work out something in the future.”

The lady said she was so mad.

“Can’t there be a faithful man on this earth,” she queried.

See the full story below:

Netizens criticise lady cheating with a married man

@nosakhare_elvis said:

“An unfaithful woman asking for a faithful man.”

@peerified said:

“How does she expect a man who likely knew her marital status to trust her with his future?”

@Ibrazeez1 commented:

“Is she faithful too? She got her type, there is no reason for her to cry foul.”

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