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Mark Angel’s Shocking Revelation: The Truth About His Secret Marriage and Divorce

Mark Angel’s Bombshell Confession: The Inside Scoop on His Secretive Love Life



“I Married Secretly and Divorced Secretly”: Inside Mark Angel’s Private World: His Secret Marriage and Divorce Exposed.

During an appearance on the Teju Babyface podcast, the online entertainer dropped the bombshell that he secretly married and divorced.

Apart from his personal affairs, Mark also divulged insights on his career growth, encounters with the Nigerian government, and multiple international awards.

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Mark Angel, a prominent online comedian from Nigeria, has permitted a glimpse into his private affairs, shedding light on previously unknown aspects of his romantic life

During his featured episode on the esteemed podcast ‘King of Talk’, hosted by media personality Teju Babyface, Mark revealed his secret marriage and subsequent divorce.

 come to light. Mark made it clear that he wouldn’t consider being romantically involved with someone like himself, given his current love-life circumstances.

He opened up about the hurdles he’s encountered along his journey, including backlash from the Nigerian government. Despite these adversities, he managed to achieve the coveted status of being the top YouTube star in Africa.

See the video below:

Mark Angel’s video sparks reactions online 

WOTHAPPEN compiled some hot takes below:


“So babe 1 to 5 will see this and still continue?”


“Markangel is one content creator that has maintained a good level of making sure his private life doesn’t surface on the internet despite being the content creator with highest followers on YouTube. Man is a silent millionaire in dollars but you can never tell. Only people who understands how much YouTube pays know this.”


“You would have still kept it a secret.”


“And the people he is dating now will see this YET remain in a relationship with him . Person say if he was his own daughter , he will never date him.”


“Marrying in Private is simply the best I don’t pray for Divorce!!! And whatever I choose to do will definitely work as God liveth.”


“I don’t know if am dating now. I have babe 1, Babe 2, babe 3, babe 4. Take it easy nah.”


“Funny enough a lot of celebrities are like this, they will get married in secret and divorced in secret.”

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