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Man who jumped off 3rd Mainland Bridge claims girlfriend dumped him



Man who jumped off 3rd Mainland Bridge claims girlfriend dumped him reported the news of how a Nigerian man identified as Princewill David, attempted to take his life after he jumped into the Lagos Lagoon off 3rd Mainland Bridge on February 26.

David, however, did not fall into the lagoon but rather ended up on a log of woods, breaking a leg and sustaining other injuries. According to The Nation, a source revealed that David attempted to take his life after his girlfriend broke up with him.

“He broke his legs and sustained other injuries. He was rushed to the hospital where he is still being treated. They asked why he wanted to kill himself and he said it was because his girlfriend said she was no longer interested in him,” the source said.

Reports revealed that David who is a resident of 42, Tajudeen Balogun Street, Igando, is a Foreign Exchange (FOREX) dealer.

He was said to have requested the hailing taxi service only to tell the driver to stop midway through the bridge for him to urinate. The driver, however, refused and attempted to reach the police as soon as he suspected what David was about to do.

David however, got out of the car before the police could stop him.

Confirming the incident, police spokesman, Bala Elkana said the victim was responding to treatment at the hospital.

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