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Man shares beautiful reaction of his best friend after he got a new car



A South African man recently melted hearts online when he took to social media to share a video of his best friend’s reaction after he showed him his new car.

It is no news that good friends often make the journey of life easier and more fun to experience. While some people have had bad experiences with friends, others continue to enjoy the benefit of having a genuine friend in their life.

This is the case for a South African @Feistykid1, who recently acquired a new car. He then paid a visit to his best friend to show him. The genuine joy and surprise on his friend’s face, however, was amusing and heartwarming to see.

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He shared the video to his Twitter account.

Watch the video below:

The video which has since gone viral with over 17,000 likes, had many social media users gushing over how genuinely happy his friend was for him. Others prayed to have good friends like him who would be happy for their achievements.

See reactions below:

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