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Man Reacted to Ex-Girlfriend’s Love Message on WhatsApp After Being Swindled



Man Reacted to Ex-Girlfriend’s Love Message on WhatsApp After Being Swindled

Money can’t buy love.” In the ever-evolving world of relationships, one man appears to have added an interesting spin to this adage, giving it a fresh interpretation. How so? He chose to ignore a romantic message from his ex-girlfriend on WhatsApp, suggesting that her love interest might, unfortunately, be more financially rooted.

Now, one might wonder why such a response would be deemed necessary or even make sense. It’s not just about delivering a catchy line, but about the important reminder it sends. Sure, we’re all suckers for a good romantic tale, but let’s be clear and straightforward. Money shouldn’t be the foundation of any romantic relationship, right? 

Let’s unpack this intriguing story, delving into the layers that make it so interesting. Are you ready to discover what prompted such a dry response to an otherwise heartfelt message? Buck

Man shuns ex-girlfriend after she sent a romantic message

However, her ex-boyfriend‘s response took an unexpected twist as he mentioned what she missed.

Rather than reciprocating the sentiment, the ex responded with, “lol you missed the cash.”

Lois’s ex believed that what she truly missed was the financial aspect of their past relationship, rather than an emotional connection.

Netizens engage in discussion on relationship priorities

The TikTok video sparked a lively discussion among netizens, with many commenting on the priorities within relationships.

@rukayatajibade reacted:

“There was a caught.”

@Big Fathia said:

“Oya you don catch me.”


“We miss the cash ooo.”

@Cam4vinga said:

“There’s a caught.”

@Nicole commented:

“Atleast he replied early.”

@Aneli.gram reacted:

“Shows you’re a queen.”

@chinazaoliver reacted:

“The man don too know you.”

@NORALI reacted:

“At least he replied on time.”

@Tim commented:

“Straight to the point.”

@Aneli.gram said:

“Shows you’re a queen.”

@Unseen commented:

“This is who I want to become.”

@obiajulum d said:

“He even replied u, my own just reacted to the message with a.”

@Omah Diane commented:

“Atleast he had cash for you to miss.”

@Damisinuola reacted:

“Would’ve said yes and so please you definitely cannot shame the shameless.”

@Uwamaka Jay Ivie reacted:

“I can never swallow my own pride e hang for my throat.”

Watch the video below:

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