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Man in the UK faces deportation to Nigeria after his visa was terminated by his adulterous wife

After his wife revoked his dependant visa, a married Nigerian man might be deported from the UK.

When the husband discovered his wife was cheating on him, she filed for divorce so that she could be with her lover, which is when problems began.

As individuals responded to the situation, a copy of the letter the UK Home Office delivered to the man was circulated on social media.



Man in the UK faces deportation to Nigeria after his visa was terminated by his adulterous wife

Unknown Nigerian man is in trouble after his unfaithful wife cancelled his dependence visa for the UK.

The story was relayed on Twitter by @Wizarab10, who said that the man had discovered his wife was having an extramarital affair.

Then, in an effort to be with her boyfriend, his cheating wife requested a divorce and, according to reports, informed the UK’s Home Office.

The Home Office informed the man of the termination of his dependant visa in a letter that was posted online, giving him until October 23 to submit a new application to stay in the UK or go.

The incident sparked a debate on social media.

See his tweet below:

Mixed reactions trail the UK couple’s story

@Toobbss said:

“Funny thing, women will keep saying not all women will do this.

“Boom weeks later, similar situation will happen again.”

@Funmiscute said:

“Omo ṣee what power can do. It’s really wicked of her. I really hope the man gets something to keep him back. He doesn’t deserve such wickedness. I don’t blame any man avoiding a better woman than he is for reasons like this.”

@CodeDating said:

“Lol, she thinks everything will work out perfectly with the new person she wants to marry.

“I have seen these countless of times.

“It doesn’t work that way.”

@omalichanna said:

”I advice as he is looking for another job, he should file a case in court , consult immigration lawyer asap. There’s loop hole to help him with it.”

@KinqKudos said:

“Is that the end of the road for him or is there anything he can do that can help him obtain new visa?”


“Staying 5times ahead will only help you to bounce back easily but it won’t stop a woman with no family values from moving maad.”

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