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Man celebrates 16th wedding anniversary with cute photo with his wife, 5 biological children and 3 adopted kids with a maid

Oga Nature Udoh

It is indeed a time of celebration for a Nigerian man identified as Oga Nature Udoh on Facebook, who is celebrating his 16th year wedding anniversary on Saturday, February 15.

Udoh kicked off the celebration by introducing his absolutely beautiful family members to his followers on social media.

The family portrait posted by the celebrant featured his wife, whom he described as a God-sent , his five biological children, three adopted ones and a house help that has been serving their family.

This was followed by a lengthy note in which he highlighted some of the things he wished he and his wife had known before they got married.

Oga Nature Udoh

Udoh pointed out that both he had his lover should have known that fighting is inevitable in marriage, however, with good communication, issues can be easily resolved. He went on by noting that both parties should have known that jealousy would creep in as well as the tendency to get attracted to other people.

Speaking further, the celebrant explained that at some point in marriages, partners would need time apart. This, he followed with another paragraph where he explained how difficult it is for husband and wife to merge their lives.

He also talked about how both partners would eventually lose a lot of friends as well as their burning drive for intimacy.

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