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Lola Simone Rock Age: net worth, Now, Siblings, college, parents, Chris Rock’s eldest daughter



Lola Simone Rock Age: net worth, college, parents, Chris Rock's eldest daughter

Lola Simone Rock is a remarkable young talent who has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry at the age of 16. Her journey to success has been nothing short of extraordinary, and her achievements at such a young age are truly inspiring. In this article, we will explore Lola’s rise to stardom and the challenges she has overcome along the way.

Early Life and Passion for Performing

  • Lola’s early exposure to the world of entertainment
  • Her passion for performing and desire to pursue a career in the industry
  • Support from her family and mentors

Lola Simone Rock’s parents.

Simone is the child of Malaak Compton-Rock and Christopher Julius Rock, better known as Chris Rock. Her father is a writer, producer, actor, and comedian. His stand-up specials include Selective Outrage and Chris Rock: Bigger & Blacker.

Lola Simone Rock Age: net worth, Now, Siblings, college, parents, Chris Rock's eldest daughter

Malaak Compton-Rock, her mother, is a philanthropist, author, public relations specialist, businesswoman, and reality television star. She is the creator of the charitable organization StyleWorks.

After dating for two years and first meeting at the 1994 Essence Awards, Lola’s parents wed on November 23, 1996, in a small ceremony. They were wed for around 20 years until divorcing on August 22, 2016.

Breakthrough in the Music Industry

  • Lola’s first steps into the music industry
  • Her unique style and talent that set her apart from others
  • Collaborations with established artists and producers

Acting Career and Recognition

  • Lola’s foray into acting and her notable roles
  • Awards and recognition for her performances
  • Balancing school and work commitments

Philanthropy and Social Impact

  • Lola’s dedication to giving back to the community
  • Involvement in charitable organizations and causes
  • Using her platform to raise awareness about important issues

Future Endeavors and Legacy

  • Lola’s plans for the future and her aspirations
  • The impact she hopes to make in the industry
  • Inspiring the next generation of young performers.

Lola Simone Rock College

Simone graduated from high school in June 2020 at the Bergen Passaic branch of Jack & Jill of America in New Jersey. She once misbehaved with four of her affluent girlfriends, her father once admitted. Therefore, he asked the principal to expel her from school as a form of punishment so that she could learn her lesson, which she did.

Although she omitted the name of the university, Lola’s mother revealed on her Instagram page that she had enrolled in one. She is learning culinary arts in Europe, her father revealed.


Lola Simone Rock’s journey from a young aspiring performer to a rising star at the age of 16 is truly remarkable. Her talent, passion, and dedication have propelled her to great heights, and she continues to inspire others with her achievements. As she continues to grow and evolve in her career, there is no doubt that Lola will leave a lasting legacy in the entertainment industry.

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