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Little Boy Sleeping with Mouth Open Wakes Up to See His Crush Laughing at Him, His Reaction Is Epic

A hilarious mother has shared a funny video of her son’s reaction after he was woken up by his ‘crush’

The little boy was sleeping inside his mother’s car with his mouth agape when his crush came in and tapped him gently

In a viral video, he opened his eyes and got so embarrassed after seeing the little girl beside him



A funny mother has revealed what she did to her son after he fell asleep in her car with his mouth open.

The young mum said her son had been admiring a little girl for a while, so she called her over to wake him up.

In a trending video, the little girl got into the car and tapped him gently on his shoulder with a smile on her face.

Little boy sleeps off with mouth open Photo Credit: @bcrworldwide
Source: Instagram

After several taps, he opened his eyes and saw his ‘crush’ beside him. His reaction left his mother and viewers in stitches.

Social media users react to funny video

Pretty_ada1 said:

“I remembered the day I went downstairs to buy something at the grocery store, I saw my crush, omo I ran back home immediately and ordered with my phone.”

Trustchibaby stated:

“This small boy na to find cord way Nigeria mom please.”

Hisdestiny6051 noted:

“Why y’all do a man like that.”

Cindy_obianuju wrote:

“Don’t try this in a Nigerian home.”

Oprahphylosophy stated:

“Baba do loose guard.”

Moet_glamz added:

“The day my crush saw me on my streets with my dusty legs God e be like make ground open swallow me.”

Watch the video below:

Little boy seeks permission to take his crush on a date

Meanwhile, WOTHAPPEN previously reported that on a sunny afternoon, a father was surprised to see a little boy asking to see his beautiful daughter.

The little boy had knocked on his door, and when he opened it, he requested to see the little girl identified as Zizi. According to the little boy, he wanted to take her on a dinner date and would be so excited if he got the chance to.

When asked why he thinks he has the right to take a girl out, the little boy made it clear that he is a good boy. He went ahead to make a promise to the girl’s father that he would bring her back home before 8 pm.

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